I'm mad at myself for not getting his name, but I'm grateful for the guy who called ME from Maritz today to offer an extension. He knew I was right in the path of the blizzard and that my shops were due on Sunday when no one would be in the office and offered to extend them a week for me. Pretty cool! Marketforce was great too because I could re-schedule them myself without even talking to anyone. Here's hoping we don't lose power, it's pretty bad out there!

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Kudos to Marguerite at ESF! Just received the following...

If you live in or are traveling to an area effected by the extreme winter weather please be safe and stay warm.
If you have a shop scheduled during this time, please reach out to me if a date change is needed.
Safety First!
The Elite Shopper Force Team
Julie at Customer Service Experts emailed me stating I could reschedule if needed, due to the storm. I am not in the path of the storm so didn't need to but was impressed by the offer.
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