Shoppers Critique International (SCI)

After reading several postings from shoppers who either weren't paid, didn't receive a promised bonus, or their report was rejected, I decided it was time to give a shout out to an MSC that I've worked with for years.

Shoppers Critique International (SCI) has paid EARLY for that I've done for them. Their shops are easy to do, I find the shops interesting, the reporting is standard (often more narrative than I'd like, but that's me), and the pay is reasonable. And the schedulers are SUPER. Very easy to work with.

I just noticed that a scheduler from SCI posted upcoming jobs on a different thread. I am not familiar with that particular shop or scheduler, but I'm happy to recommend SCI in general. They are respectful of shoppers.

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I like Shopper's Critique, also.

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Thanks! I just requested an assignment from them. It will be my first, if it's granted.
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