Kudos to ACL and one of their schedulers

Throughout the Forum there are a number of negative comments about several mystery shopping companies. Some may be warranted and some may not be warranted. I, however, want to offer a few comments on ACL. I have done many shops for ACL over the past several years and they have been excellent to work with. Some of their shops are reimbursement only while some are pay and reimbursement and still others are pay only. I have always found their pay very fair. Additionally, allow me to mention one of their schedulers who is wonderful to work with in every way. Her name is Bree Decare and she works very hard to assist the shoppers and she goes out of her way to help making the experience with ACL both pleasing and rewarding. My thanks to Bree Decare of ACL. She can be a role model for other schedulers.

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Over the years I have worked with a number of schedulers from ACL and found them always to be pleasant, prompt and helpful. It is certainly one of my favorite companies to deal with.
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