Shannon Scarberry at Intellishop

I recently did my first shop for Intellishop.

It was for a carryout pizza and as per the shop instructions I was permitted to use coupons and/or order extra food. We actually love this kind of pizza so I found a bogo free coupon and ordered the shop pizza as the "buy one" and a second pizza as the "get one".

I submitted my shop and got a 10 so I mentally checked it off as complete.

Yesterday when I logged into my intellishop account I saw that my payment was pending but with only half the reimbursent I was expecting. The editor must have input both pizzas as 50% off (it wasn't clear from the receipt).

I emailed Shannon last night explaining the issue and this morning she responded and fixed the reimbursment for me!

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Another example of the good people at Intellishop taking care of their shoppers, Shannon is someone who take's care of business.
I had a similar incident happen, and within the hour Shannon fixed the mistake and gave me the full refund. She's very quick to answer emails. Kudos to her smiling smiley
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