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A quick shout to Jen over at ACL. She has gone above and beyond to resolve an issue involving a location that has been perpetually closed during listed hours (temp location w no phone to verify). She is making sure I've been compensated for the trouble and has gone to bat for me throughout the process with the client.

Just wanted to give a quick KUDOS as she has been awesome to work with and extremely helpful.

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Hey! One of my fellow schedulers forwarded this to me. I truly appreciate your kind words - you probably don't realize how good a feedback like this is for me lol! I truly think alot of other schedulers would have done the same. Thats why I always recommend A Closer Look - unlike alot of other shopping companies, you get to actually talk to real people for many different issues and get immediate responses. I have several shopper/scheduler relationships - we are close enough to just chat on a regular basis. Sign up with us. We will take care of you. Thanks Jody! P.S. Unfortunately, since we re-vamped to area scheduling, I will only be scheduling shops in DE, DC and southern Cali! Not sure who your new scheduler is, but I wish you the best!
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