KUDOS Customer Impact

They are rapidly becoming one of my favorite companies to work for. Their fees are fair for the amount of work required on their app. They communicate quickly and they pay consistantly. I was on a project that required I purchase improperly packaged items. I was instructed to call an 800 number if the situation occured. I called the number on a Monday and was reimbursed by Thursday. If your not signed up with them I encourage you to do so. I hope they have more work in my area.

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They are definitely an awesome company to work with! I love everything about this company, from the schedules to the work. They are always at the top of my list.
They have been my favorite for 10 years....Great company, I just do their restaurants, love them and reports are duable compared to another. Always get a 10, except once when I got a 9...smiling smiley

Live consciously....
I did the same assignment, didn't find any variances, but they were prompt to pay for the other portion of the shop. All around good company. I did become a little irate in a recent project placing cards, I received 4 confirmation emails that required a follow up and phone calls. After the last email and call I called the scheduler and kinda exploded. Are shoppers flaking that much that a MSC would need to verify multiple times a shop would be completed? I usually am very professional but was pushed to the limit, not sure they realized that when a shopper receives those types of emails they get concerned their shops may be removed if they don't respond quick enough. But honestly 4 emails one every day, was a bit much!
Hello dmp777

My name is Daniel Price and I'm the General Manger of the Audits & Surveys division at Customer Impact. More importantly, I oversee those card placement projects.

Unfortunately we do get a fair amount of flakes on specific projects with the card placement. However, often times with those projects, the issue usually stems from the short time-frame we have to complete the project, and less about the rep or concerns of a cancel/flake.

So if a rep is radio silent on us for a week, then they end up flaking, we may not have time to re-staff, re-ship cards to a rep, and have the new rep complete it in the time frame. Sometimes we can, but other times we cannot.

Another factor on some are the locations. This project has some urban, but also many rural locations that are harder to get to and staff, so we have to be more proactive in reaching out and keeping in touch with reps on the project.

Now that I got that out of the way...the last thing I want my staff doing is becoming too overbearing or bordering on frustratingly annoying, so your point is well taken. It's my job to find out what that happy medium"is that won't be too much for the reps, but also where our quality & execution numbers stay high for the client in their time-frame to do the work. I'll do better in this regard.

If you have any other feedback you'd like to give me, please don't hesitate to email me at dprice@customerimpactinfo.com

Have a great day!

Daniel Price
General Manager, Audits & Surveys Division
Customer Impact, LLC.
How are people able to do all of that work, drive, gas, mileage is beyond my comprehension for $9
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