Kathleen with A Closer Look

I would like to commend Kathleen with A Closer Look.

I have spoken to her just once, but have texted her a bunch.

When we talked she actually said if she made her shoppers happy then that made her happy. If we complete her jobs, she gets paid. If we're happy, we will do her shops for her.

In other words, she gets it!

She also said she would like to see me complete enough shops to qualify for self assignment capability. I'd like that, but she seems to see the shops I now apply for with ACL once I submit the request.

I really think she's top notch!

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I adore Kathleen. I try to help her out all the time if I can to get shops done and although I'm not always able to she's understanding. She's always in contact too. KUDOS KATHLEEN!
So glad to hear this about a scheduler! Yay Kathleen!

Edited to add that I have had pretty darn good experiences with a couple of people from ACL, as well...Lindsay (scheduler) and Teresa (Editor)

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