Amy at Advanced Feedback BRAVO

I have been meaning to give kudos, and just a big thank you to Amy at Advanced Feedback!
She has been just awesome to work with over the past year. She responds to questions, inquires, and requests for assignments so quickly, and I always get detailed feedback about my evaluations! (Which I LOVE!)

She was also amazingly understanding when I performed my very first evaluation with them and my fine dining report was riddled with talk to text typos! It was a bit of a mess because I was forced fill fill out a lengthy detailed summary on my smart phone while traveling 10 hours in a car to see a dying relative. I just could not spot all the typos proofreading while I was emotionally and physically exhausted and she politely drew attention to the issue without making me feel bad about it!!

She saw through the typos and horrible autocorrect issues, and recognized the long hours and hard work I put in the report and still gave me a 10, which I am not sure I deserved turning in a report with some many grammatical mistakes!

Love working with this company when because of her when I have the opportunity!
Bravo Amy!

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Ditto on Amy! She communicates on a personal level and treats me like a human being. I appreciate her and would love to work with Amy every day!
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