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This is a shout out to Dawn. NIM just posted some new shops with a required certification test. The test is a bit long and I didn’t pass in the allowed two tries. I called Dawn who not only answered my call but offered all the assistance I needed. She even made sure the shop I wanted was assigned to me. The test was reset By Dawn and I finally passed. She is the best scheduler I have interacted with. She really cares about her shoppers and is always available to help.

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To paraphrase Chas. Dickens, this will be A Tale of Two Entities.

Dawn Hunt--I have worked with Dawn over at least 15 years and she is the epitome of what one could/should desire in a scheduler. Never has she left me hanging or projected a sliver less that an attitude of professionalism.

New Image--I attempted to sign-up with this company a few years back, but hit a snag the rep insisted was on my end. Finally, after an afternoon of struggling to locate my problem, I was able to complete the application. Soon thereafter, though, I learned the problem was not with either my computer or ISP and that several others were also affected. When I queried the rep as to why she did not indicate they were experiencing trouble with their website, she shifted the blame to their IT tech. I promptly deactivated my account.
I'll jump in and agree! Had a similar experience this time with the certification and she was quick to reset it for me. Dawn is great to work with I wish all schedulers were as easy and professional!
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