ROCKSTAR Schedulers and Account Managers KSS, IPSOS, ACL, SCM and RBG

Rant: I am tired of all the negativity. We all have been bombarded with negativity from each other and the media. I, for one, am asking for a moratorium on the negative attitudes and words. Please give me one month. How about February? The month of LOVE.

I know many shoppers have posted their bad attitudes and whining about changes to the gas station audits. I have been doing these audits since the pandemic hit and have had a blast. I work in all brands. Each has its ups and downs. Each program has good and bad schedulers/editors etc. However the personal attacks and rude comments need to stop. Everyone is experiencing the changes. Change happens. We either accept the change and grow or move on. Our attitudes sometime influence new shoppers and that is not fair to them. They might love the program you hate so much. They might be able to change their life by doing a job that allows them some freedom and FREE gas.

For me, this a business. If you want good results from a program you might try being nice, fulfilling what you commit to and learning the guidelines. Canceling last minute, being rude to people and not taking the time to learn your craft will get you nothing but bad results. When a scheduler goes out of their way for you, thank them. Thank editors for their feedback. It makes you better at your job.

I am starting off with bringing in February as a positive and uplifting month:

I want to thank KSS: Virginia, Pete, Tony, Mackenzie and Maranda. You guys have been great to work with and I appreciate your efforts during these changes. You guys are ROCKSTARS! IPSOS: Leslie you are amazing! I have worked with Karen and Jennifer on other programs and you guys are true professionals.

Programs at ACL: Shout out and mega kudos to both Jennifers smiling smiley , Kirsten and Morgan. You guys are great and always professional.

SCM: Bianca and Cathy you guys are always helpful and kind. I am loving working with you guys now.

RBG: Elise, you are great. Thanks for helping me through a crisis (meltdown) at Christmas.

Come on friends and fellow shoppers. Show some love. Let's celebrate each other. We are not just surviving, we are thriving!

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Haven't worked with IPSOS long, but I have a shout-out for C Hutchinson. She is amazing! She is on top of her emails. I got a response on a SUNDAY evening! What the What, Sunday! Here's to IPSOS' Hutchinson for doing a great job and answering a newbie's questions!
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