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Shout out to Market Force for being flexible about extending the dealine for submitting the bridge toll receipt for one of my shops. Due to Covid, there are no live toll collectors in my area. Everything has to go through FasTrak (electronic toll tags). Well, again due to Covid, there was a long delay in FasTrak posting the transaction online. I emailed the Help Desk as soon I realized there was a delay and they agreed to let me submit proof manually this one time. The toll was finally posted and Market Force accepted my proof.

I would have never done the shop without the bridge toll reimbursement.

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I know a lot has been discussed about MF on this forum but, I can tell you they have been overly helpful to me. They accommodate me every time I need something and are super people to work with. They have and always will be my favorite company. I've been with them for a very long time.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
WOW there are still live toll takers! Haven't seen one in over 20 years.

A Dad shopping the Ark-LA-Tex and beyond.
Some are in OK but their are few and far between. They are going to the plate camera system so it will be even longer to get the receipt. Luckly I have a toll tag so it runs $40 about ever month. I write mine off unber misc expenses.

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@ShoppingDad wrote:

WOW there are still live toll takers! Haven't seen one in over 20 years.
Here in the NYC area which has a million bridges, there is one left with toll-takers. It has actually become the subject of a lot of attention here for being an anachronism:

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