Scheduler Shoutout: Who's Your Favorite?

Lots of great choices...Kate Ratner is always fantastic, Suzanne from ACL, Dawn Hunt, David at Market approach. Deanna Moore, Ellie and Robyn at RBG, Lauren @SecondtoNone. I know I'm forgetting some ????

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Crissy Garrett (sp?) at 2nd To None is great. Tony Jackson is great. I really cannot think of a scheduler where I have had any major issue. Way back in the day when I was dealing with Stop-N-Check, I had a run in but that was it.

Just be cool folks.
Dawn Fink is excellent. So is Cindy Hutchinson although I haven't been doing her shops recently. Adam Hurd and Monica Morrison at ATH are also pros.
Shout out to Jared at White Clay and also agree with Matt and Sharon at Intelli Shop
Can't say who is my favorite. I have only had positive albeit informal, polite relationships with most schedulers. I do appreciate Josh from Mintel. So responsive, understanding and pleasant.
@Madetoshop I also find Josh at Mintel-as well as Jannah and Anna-so responsive, understanding and pleasant.

I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
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