Isecret scheduler

There is a scheduler by the name Morgana. She is not helpful at all. Doesnt respond to messages and is sorry that she was late in responding. I dont find the schedulers of isecret platform friendly(Canada side)

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I have only worked with Karen and found her very responsive. Hopefully you will have a better experience next time.
I've only worked with Stacey so far and she's been great! Very responsive and provides clear answers to my questions. I hope things improve for you.
Isecret is a platform, just like Sassie is a platform. So, isecret itself does not have schedulers. Each MSC that uses the isecret platform may or may not have schedulers.

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I do find Morgana helpful. Responses are not quick, often. But mine aren't always prompt either.
ISecretShop has multiple MSCs schedule their jobs. It would be more helpful if you would identify the actual MSC that you are talking about.

I've found the schedulers/project managers for Intouch Insight which I've only dealt with on the ISS very responsive and helpful.
I used to work with iSecret and found they routinely had a decent selection of shops but always paid less than other companies bc they are a platform. As a middleman they will always take their cut and reduce yours by that amount. So the lower pay is not great but the main reason I stopped dealing with these guys was due to their Territory Manager, Amanda Farrell from Intouch. She is absolutely vile. She has zero customer service skills and always thinks she's right about everything. She actively tries to belittle you and will always try to blame you for her own mistakes. This happened 3x over a period of a year. Life's too short to have to deal with this buffoon.
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