Gas Station Audit (state locations: AL, AR, FL, LA & MS) new incentive added

AboutFace has Gas Station Compliance Audits available.

These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the shop fee.
They are super easy and fun. These shops do have age restrictions.
Please contact me for further details at or sign up/log into your AboutFace shopper account to check out our open shops.

**Any shoppers who sign up for 10 or more shops and complete them will receive an increased shopper fee.
10 or more shops = $10 shopper fee PER SHOP plus the up to $7 reimbursement for the compliance item.
(all shops must be completed in the route in order for the increase to take effect)

States with open locations: Many locations available in each state

Looking forward to working with you very soon!
Have a great day.
Cristina Arpin

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