Fine dining lunch or dinner mystery shops in Chestnut Hill, MA!

This fine dining restaurant provide top-quality food at a great value in a casual neighborhood tavern atmosphere. Lunch and dinner shops available! These are monthly shops!

• This shop requires two guests that are 21 years or older (No children are allowed)
• You must eat in the dining room (not in the bar area or at the bar)
• Visit the bar before or after your meal and purchase at least 1 Alcoholic beverage.
• Call the location before your visit to observe the staff’s efficiency and courtesy and to make sure they will be open when you plan to visit.
• You must check the restroom for cleanliness/supplies


DINNER/LOUNGE (only take photos in the lounge for lounge shops if it seems natural):
Any beverage of your choice (The special drink menu has lower priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices.) Alcoholic drinks are permitted but not required
An appetizer OR a dessert
2 DIFFERENT entrees (an entrée should be ordered for each guest)
*Items in addition to the required items may be ordered if desired

Interested? Email me at

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