$15 Web Mystery Shop with Phone Follow-up in PA

Hi Shoppers,

We have Web Shops - MUST BE DONE BETWEEN 9AM-10AM

We are trying to track and measure:

- Response time
- Green sheet
- Follow up communications

The process:

- Shopper would fill out the “Download Brochure” form on the community specific page (between 9-10AM)
- Track the initial follow up call but don’t answer - put in report and SAVE
- Track the follow up email to the initial call but don’t reply - put in report and SAVE
- Track call #2 which should take place within a few business days (don’t answer) - put in the report and SAVE
- Call the sales associate back and record the call (use phone number on Prophet in your report)
- Shopper fills out the rest of the form and SUBMIT
- No weekend. M-F between 9-10 AM

If this sounds like a shop you would like to do, please copy/paste shopper.massolutions.biz in your browser and sign up as a shopper and self-assign the location you want or email me the location you want.

If you are already in the database:
Your email address is your username
Your password, if you have not changed it, is the first 2 letters of your last name and the last 4 digits of your home telephone number.
Example: John Smith, 603-555-1212 would have a password of sm1212

Thank you!

Scheduling On Behalf of MASSolutions

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