$30 SIMPLE Shop at Home! Awesome opportunity! AboutFace

SIMPLE shop assignment you complete from the comfort of HOME! LOTS of States still available!!! Oahu, HI, IA, OR, CA, SD, MO, SC, D.C., MA, TX, MN, AL, FL, NJ, NY, NH, UT & MANY more!

$30 plus reimbursement! YOU choose the date! I NEED these completed ASAP!!! Choose item(s) you need removed from home or small office & get it hauled away. Client will take away most ANYTHING (boxes, clothes, furniture, yard tools, appliances, shoes, books Etc...) Doesn’t need to be a large load!

When is the last time you used something that you haven't thought about for a while? Still need it? Thinking of donating? Make it easy on yourself & let our Client do the work for you. Survey report is a breeze!

Please PM me if interested & your zip code so I can see if a location is available in your area. Or apply to become an AboutFace Shopper at [aboutfacecorp.com]
Current Shooper? Login to your account & search by your zip code “Open Opportunities”

I look forward to working with YOU!

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