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I have shopped for AboutFace for a number of years, but have not seen any shops listed and have not received any emails regarding openings in 2023. Has anyone else experienced this or has the company changed their portal? I appreciate any feedback and replies. Thank you,... Continue Reading

AboutFace: Unique IN-HOME shops!

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super fast payments from AboutFace

Kudos to AboutFace! Their policy states "payments...approximately 45 days from date of shop". For my two shops, they fabulously made payment within 10 days of completion. Much appreciated.... Continue Reading

about face - photo requirement

Anyone know more about this photo requirement, in particular, if there is a way around it? You aren't allowed to proceed unless you provide a photo. There was an earlier thread on this but it's closed to new comments.... Continue Reading

About Face

I just read Consumer reports "About Face", #1 Mystery shopping company.....Wish they had the same cosmetic jobs in my area they had a few years ago, loved working for them then.... Continue Reading

AboutFace email about the gift card...

Hello, Anyone got email from the company about buying and being reimburse for the gift card? It seems to good to be true...... Continue Reading

About Face

I am considering the junk removal shop offered by this company. I am going to have to pay out close to $300 up front and wonder if anyone can tell me if they have done this mission or worked with this company. Thanks much.... Continue Reading


I accepted a job with AboutFace for $170; window replacement consultation in my home. The scheduler has disappeared and I am wondering if this shop was a scam? Thanks.... Continue Reading


Anyone received payment for shops completed in the first half of May? I have not. These were my first shops for them, so not sure how closely they stick to the 45 day policy. Have not received a response to my emails from them.... Continue Reading

About Face Payment

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Resolved HELP About Face contact

Does anyone have scheduler contact info for the "I broke my phone on Wednesday when it was in airplane mode and my shop notes and photos for the day didn't save to the cloud" shop. Please Edit: I have an amazing scheduler, Michelle from Primo, who schedules for About Face. She... Continue Reading

$30 SIMPLE Shop at Home! Awesome opportunity! AboutFace

SIMPLE shop assignment you complete from the comfort of HOME! LOTS of States still available!!! Oahu, HI, IA, OR, CA, SD, MO, SC, D.C., MA, TX, MN, AL, FL, NJ, NY, NH, UT & MANY more! $30 plus reimbursement! YOU choose the date! I NEED these... Continue Reading

About Face Gas Station

Has anyone done gas station shops for About Face? I have not seen any threads on this particular shop with About Face. It's an alcohol compliance mystery shop at a gas station. General cleanliness inspection of the store and bathroom. Only three pics are required: one of the receipt, one... Continue Reading

Elise At About Face

I love doing shops with Elise at About Face. She has always been understanding to my situations and today proved it all. I missed a shop due to an emergency and I removed it from my log in the rush just to allow her to perhaps find another shopper to... Continue Reading

AboutFace has Kansas City Telephone and In-person inquiry shops starting July 2nd

AboutFace has easy inquiry shops for a community center starting Monday, July 2nd. Fifteen minutes onsite or five minutes over the phone to use the required scenario. Phone shops pay $5-7 and In-Person shops pay $15. Do them both as a set for $25. Email us today at Continue Reading

About Face Payment

I completed a shop on February 15, 2018, but have not yet received payment. Since it has been more than 45 days, I contacted the e-mail provided in the invoice,, but I have not received a response. I believe they are supposed to pay via Paypal. ... Continue Reading

AboutFace - Ripped me off

I accepted a shop at a local drugstore to locate and purchase a certain item. Flat fee of $10 and full reimbursement of the required purchase. I spent over 45 minutes repeatedly searching the store for the item and it was never found. The employees could not even find it.... Continue Reading

Did Stericycle - Expert Solutions Lose a Client to About Face?

I just signed up with Stericyle. I like the company a lot so far. They have these car wash, detail, convenience store, oil change shops where the pay is $19 plus reimbursement. They are located in Western NY and Chicago. I noticed About Face is now posting the same locations with a... Continue Reading

About Face Referrals

Does anyone know if AboutFace pays for referring other shoppers? I know someone whos interested but I dont want to just give them the website if they offer pay for referrals. I recently recommended another company and then found out after that if I had referred them through the system... Continue Reading

evening hotel parking lot audits for About Face.

Was solicited for eve parking lot audits at hotel sites. Per the instructions, you report to a specified location, geo verify, take a pic, complete the inspection and report. It seems if you find zero "leads" per their definition then one receives zero compensation. I sent an... Continue Reading

About Face Tech Repair Shop

Does anyone know how often About Face has the tech repair shops? I thought I had been seeing them all year but now Im not seeing them on the job board.... Continue Reading

About Face Hotel Parking Lot Audits

Has abyone done these shops? There is no addresses for the specific hotels that need to be shopoed, just basically any hotel in one of 37 chains in your state. In my city I have at least 10 hotels in the chains on the list within feet of each other,... Continue Reading

About Face Jobs in Ohio???

Hello! I'm new to Mystery Shopping and have found this forum extremely helpful....thank you for all your insight! I'm currently signed up with Jobslinger and that has helped me determine some of the MSCs that currently have work in my area. Is there any other way I... Continue Reading

What's the deal with About Face's upper-end cosmetic store pre-certifications?

The other day, I started filling out their pre-certification questionnaire asking me which luxury items I have purchased. I have no problem with that. However, they are now asking me to input a photo of myself dressed professionally to show what I would look like should I be... Continue Reading

About Face

I'm brand new to the mystery shopping world and just received my first assignment from About Face to deposit a cashier check into my account and let them know once complete so they can release the funds. Does anyone have experience with one of this nature? Thank you in advance.... Continue Reading

About Face...late but working

I had a shop that was late with payment and sent a message this morning. The message was answered nearly immediately, saying they were running behind from the holidays but would have payment out within a week. Nice to pass along good news about late payments sometimes!... Continue Reading

About Face parking lot audits

Is anyone doing the shops for the evening hotel parking lot audits. I have done 3 rounds and make $50 approx each round. So far very simple but new to this so I want to make sure all is good with this shop. I have the invoices for all 3... Continue Reading

About Face Parking Lot audits

Is anyone doing the shops for the evening hotel parking lot audits. I have done 3 rounds and make $50 approx each round. So far very simple but new to this so I want to make sure all is good with this shop. I have the invoices... Continue Reading

Unable (or just unwilling) to complete a mystery shop with AboutFace. Need help on what to do...(a little long)

I want to start off by saying I am new to the industry..and so far it has been pretty good. I have really learned a lot from the forum and have been able to use some of what I've learned in my shops. I have run up against a recent... Continue Reading

About Face

Anyone done work for them with the high end cosmetics? Part of guidelines is to visit 5 counters and get a business card or material? Have you had problems getting all business cards or materials? [i]Mod note: Client name removed. This is a repeated warning that it is against Forum policy... Continue Reading

About Face

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Article about facebook postings and getting fired.

I was reading the parameters for being fired for a Facebook posting. I don't do Facebook, but found it interesting anyway. Continue Reading

Is AboutFace and Gigspot authentic mystery shopping companies?

I asked specifically about Gigspot because when I tried to look them up the search engine turned up Bigspot instead.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Holly at AboutFace!

I was scheduled for a targeted cosmetics shop and I could only be in that town that day. Couldn't get an appt with the target, so I asked to cancel, and instead she gave me credit for a phone shop! Thanks Holly!... Continue Reading

About Face hotel report

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Anyone knows who the owner/executive of this company is, and how to reach them?... Continue Reading

About Face pay cycle

I performed a shop for About Face on May 5th. The invoice available on the website said that the pay period closed on June 7th. I have not received payment yet, and yes I have verified my paypal address is correct. The only payment info I can find for them says... Continue Reading

About Face shop fee question?

I have not shopped for About Face. I recently received a shop offer for $5. You need to purchase a small item, take a picture, interact with merchandisers, upload a brochure, and more. I would never shop for this fee. Does anyone know if this is their... Continue Reading

Annoyed with AboutFace

I did a shop for them, got my report in as required. Almost a week later I have an email from Carey saying I was not getting paid for the shop because I did not ask the rep how long she had been with the company. I didn't... Continue Reading

About Face Login

Is anyone else having trouble with logging in to the About Face website today? I even tried resetting my password, but it just pops me back to the shopper login page.... Continue Reading

ABOUT FACE: Prescription Shops???

I read their posting and was wondering if anybody can please chime in on these shops. Are they open to be shopped at any local drug store?? Are certain drugs limited and can I fill a prescription in my elderly dad's account??? I also searched for this topic to no... Continue Reading

make up shops with About Face

Hello ladies, have you done any make up shops with About Face? Some of those shops is just a visit to make up section of the department store and then leave, which is a little hard considering that those consultants are commission based and it's really hard to get away... Continue Reading

First shop for Aboutface

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AboutFace Site Down?

I haven't been able to get into the AF shopper site (or any part of their site) since yesterday afternoon. Is anyone else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Trouble logging in on About Face

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About Face Corp.

I am scheduled to do a shop with them today and as per their guidelines I called the counter to make sure that the person would be there. Of course with my luck she is not. I have tried live help, email and calling and I have not been able... Continue Reading

How the heck do I contact About Face???

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Does anyone know if AboutFace is a reliable company? I appreciate any info.... Continue Reading

About Face Payment

My statement shows that I was paid for a job on July 14th. However, the money is not in my Paypal account. Anyone know how About Face does their invoicing / payments? Thanks... Continue Reading

About Face text?

I am signed up with them, but have not done any shops for them yet! I got a text a little while ago about Vet shops available in my state. I responded, and got a call a few minutes later. Basically, if I do the walk in... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for aboutface? Continue Reading

AboutFace Shopping: Recorded Telephone Compliance Opportunity $20

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About Face Prescription Shop

Has anyone done these prescription shops? I've just added this company to my list because another shopper near me told me she does eyeglass shops. I certainly could use a new pair of eyeglasses. I'm still using the ones I got through MarketForce years ago. I... Continue Reading

About Face- Callfire Alerts

This company has decided on its own to send out text messages that promote its shops, despite the fact that I did not opt-in to this type of communication. My profile is also indicative of this preference. It is arrogant to send messages when they are not wanted,... Continue Reading

ABOUT FACE: Do not call. NOBODY answers anywhere!!

Tried calling numerous times throughout the day and literally everybody I was switched to was hiding behind their voice mail, including, the sales dept, must to my shock. Had I been a prospective client trying to reach a live sales rep to sign up for ms, I would just have... Continue Reading

Technical problems with About Face/Shopmetrics

Has anyone had problems submitting surveys for mystery shops with AboutFace/Shopmetrics? I tried to submit a survey yesterday evening, and it kept bouncing back saying "Number required !". All questions were answered, and all numbers pertinent to answers were provided. I called the company and was voice... Continue Reading

About face site down?

Can someone who is on About Face please see if you can log in? I can't sign in and I've tried on two browsers and tried to get them to email my password (although I'm sure I'm using the right one) and even that isn't responding. Just want... Continue Reading

About Face

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About Face jobs??

Hi, I'm new to MS and have signed up for many companies. Can anyone tell me why About Face shows 631 "Open shops near me" but only ONE comes up in my search? Thanks!... Continue Reading

About face

Hey all, Just a head's up to shoppers do not take the shop where you go to a energy provider's seminar. The report requires you to get a incredible amount of info for a whole $20. My shop was rejected because I did not get the speakers complete names and... Continue Reading

Medicine Discount Card from AboutFace

Did anyone get a medicine discount card from About Face? I got two in the mail this week for me and my family.... Continue Reading

Aboutface Rxreleif pharmacy discount card

Has anyone else gotten their card and have you used it yet,the card says up to 75% off on meds.I wonder what the discount really is ? I appreciate getting the card,every little bit helps if you have to get a prescription.... Continue Reading

Aboutface login problems

I received an e-mail from them today about a shop I might be interested in. When I clicked on the link to login I was presented with a new IC agreement that I must acknowledge before continuing. In lieu of a signature they require you to enter the last two... Continue Reading


I looked at my AF pay statement for the shops I did early in the month and I see a pay statement dated the first week of April (after my shops completed) and including several shops I completed - but Paypal has not received a paymment from AF. Anybody receive payment already for... Continue Reading

to Leslie About Face open comment

Oh Leslie while we appreciate your posts you say you have furniture and cycling shops inn OUR area you do not define that area. Why not save both of us some time and post the cities. Thanks "I am Leslie with About Face Corp. and we are looking for Mystery Shoppers in... Continue Reading

Question about an AboutFace New Homes and Competitor Shops.

I have taken two assignments with AboutFace. Obviously I cannot mention the client (not sure if I can mention the competitor, so I won't) which means this might be confusing. I am to shop both client and competitor, both are new home builders. Both supposedly have homes under construction... Continue Reading

ICU and About Face

Anyone know the rotation on their shops? I never seem to be qualified for anything anymore.... Continue Reading

About Face Bonuses

well, got another payment from about face without the bonus today. it seems with them about every other payment skips out on the bonus. of course i keep all email communication about the bonuses and they eventually get paid, but i just wanted to vent a little because... Continue Reading

what is about face pay schedule?

I can't seem to find anything on their site regarding their pay schedule. The first payment I received from them followed the job completion by just over a month. This time around, the job is about a month and a half past and no payment yet. Not... Continue Reading

About Face

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About face

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how is this company with payments? i just did a shop with a supposed $10 bonus, but i don't see it listed on the completed shop page. anyone have experience with them and getting paid?... Continue Reading

About Face, easy shop

I just completed a tree service shop for About Face. Wow, was that an easy $22. The survey was easy with appropriate narratives. This was a great shop.... Continue Reading

Greetings from AboutFace!

Hi all, I am Courtney, and I am a PC for AboutFace. I have actually done Mystery Shops myself in the past. If you have any questions about the company or need to be directed to the correct person to answer your questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!... Continue Reading

Has anyone done About Face's college admission shops? Any problems?

I'm thinking of doing one of these. You do have to pay an admission fee that AF is promising to reimburse in two weeks. I've worked for AF before and they have always paid. My first payment took awhile since they were having cash flow problems (this... Continue Reading


I have just been informed that I will not be paid for an assignment I completed for this company becuse the target employee was not there. I was given the date and time range to go by the scheduler. BEWARE!! ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS TO... Continue Reading

About Face - I'm very frustrated!!!

So aggravating...for the past two months every time I log on and go to my state it says I'm not eligible for any shops in the state I chose. What's going on?... Continue Reading

About Face

Anyone see any shops on here? I haven't for awhile. I go to other states and don't see anything either. It keeps saying I'm not eligible to shop even in my own state.... Continue Reading

About Face

With all the posts here about About Face not paying, I was very wary about taking a shop with them. However, I had a slew of shops all at the same mall one day and decided it wouldn't hurt to throw one in as a "test run," so to speak. Well,... Continue Reading

About Face tracking

I feel really dumb, but I can't find the payment tracking page. I did a shop for them a month and a half ago and realized I have no idea when I'm supposed to get paid. I tried looking at the site, but I still can't find it. Can someone... Continue Reading


Hi everyone, I just want to put a small warning out about them. I did shops for them last April, September, and most recently in October. Every time I am supposed to get paid, I do not get payment and send an email. I am usually responded to fairly quickly... Continue Reading

About Face Payment

Does anyone know how long it takes to get paid by About Face? I did a job for them the first week in Oct and haven't been paid yet. Thanks... Continue Reading

About Face Payment Question

Can anyone confirm for me that they are paid via PayPal from About Face? I noticed I have not been paid for July shops as of yet. I am signed up to receive PayPal payments in my profile, but I want to make sure they actually pay via... Continue Reading


I recently scheduled an in-home window replacement shop. Didn't realize at the time that two competitor shops are part of the deal. $22 each, and I can use the information.... Continue Reading

New scam cirulating involving AboutFace

A new series of scams have begun circulating over the last week. These are being posted on Yahoo Hot Jobs and Career Builder, and the emails being sent out are coming from a Career Builder email address. These are the same check cashing scams that have been around for... Continue Reading

About Face and the Auto Shops

Has anyone else's inbox been bombarded by About Face and their auto shops? I received about 10 emails today. They aren't much only paying $16, so I haven't taken one. Not when I'm used to seeing $20 and $30 for that sort of shop.... Continue Reading

Accessing About Face's Sharepoint website.

I missed out on four good shopping opportunities at About Face, ($36.00 each) because I was unable to access the Sharepoint website for information critical to the shop. Whenever I attempt to access the Sharepoint site I get this error message: " "Unable to open Cannot locate the... Continue Reading

AboutFace Corp

Anyone done any shops for them? Are they fairly new????... Continue Reading

About Face

This company did not pay me for a shop a few months ago and I just discovered it now. They said I did not respond to emails although I did. I am wondering if maybe I did not get or see the last email, if in fact there... Continue Reading

About Face?

Just curious if anyone has ever received the "bonus" of $3.00 that About Face claims to offer if we submit a "perfect report"? I have an English degree a score of 9/10 with every company I work for, yet my reports are just never quite good enough for that... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of About Face

has only a narrow presence in the US and would easily be able to purchase any of the US based MSCs for cash but I cant see them going for About Face. (Source). May 13, 2023

After I posted here about our convo, I saw that she's also the founder and CEO of AboutFace. (Source). May 02, 2023

But as @sandyf stated, the contact at About Face, did not realize they already had a HUGE U. (Source). May 02, 2023

Per ShopNYC about what Paige Hall said regarding the sale of About face, " but she did say she thought I probably wouldn't be able to guess because it's a company that is not based in the US which now wants to expand into the US (Source). May 02, 2023

Out of curiosity, I just called AboutFace and spoke to Paige Hall, who is listed on their site as being in charge of Strategic Partnerships. (Source). May 01, 2023

I have shopped for AboutFace for a number of years, but have not seen any shops listed and have not received any emails regarding openings in 2023. (Source). May 01, 2023

?? [u]Please message me with your comments and corrections.[/u] [b]Bold = Changes and additions[/b] A A Closer Look A Customers Point of View About Face [s]Action Reaction Services[/s] [b]ACE (Associate Consumer Evaluations)[/b] [b]Advance Sales and Marketing[/b] Advanced Feedback Inc Advantage Sales and Marketing Agile Market Research Mexico [b]Albatross Global Solutions, now CXG[/b] All Star Customer Service Inc Alta 360 Research Amber Arch Amusement Advantage Ann Michaels & Associates Anonymous Insights Apartment (Source). September 04, 2022

) Step 3: PM your redacted list to me. [b]A[/b] Action Reaction Services(1 Discussions) Agile Market Research Mexico(0 Discussions) Alta 360 Research(48 Discussions) A Closer Look(101 Discussions) A Customers Point of View(9 Discussions) About Face(81 Discussions) Advanced Feedback Inc(8 Discussions) Advantage Sales and Marketing(2 Discussions) Albatross Global Solutions(40 Discussions) All Star Customer Service Inc(3 Discussions) Amber Arch(3 Discussions) Amusement Advantage(66 Discussions) Ann Michaels & Associates(10 Discussions) Anonymous Insights(9 Discussions) Apartment Shoppe(7 Discussions) Ardent Services(56 Discussions) Asset Protection Associates(17 Discussions) Associate (Source). September 03, 2022

) Step 3: PM your redacted list to me. [b]A[/b] Action Reaction Services(1 Discussions) Agile Market Research Mexico(0 Discussions) Alta 360 Research(48 Discussions) A Closer Look(101 Discussions) A Customers Point of View(9 Discussions) About Face(81 Discussions) Advanced Feedback Inc(8 Discussions) Advantage Sales and Marketing(2 Discussions) Albatross Global Solutions(40 Discussions) All Star Customer Service Inc(3 Discussions) Amber Arch(3 Discussions) Amusement Advantage(66 Discussions) Ann Michaels & Associates(10 Discussions) Anonymous Insights(9 Discussions) Apartment Shoppe(7 Discussions) Ardent Services(56 Discussions) Asset Protection Associates(17 Discussions) Associate (Source). September 01, 2022

AboutFace has $43 pay each for super easy estimate only shops for pest control. (Source). July 01, 2022