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Consumer Technology Shops
Shopper Pay $100

Hi Shoppers!

We are currently offering a lucrative shop opportunity through one of our mystery shopping partners. This is an opportunity to earn $100 for a shop that takes less than one hour in-store. The available locations and details are provided below:

If you are interested in these shops, please sign up at these shops will be visible on the job board once you sign up.

TOTAL pay for this shop is $100.00 or best shopper (make those offers we know some of these are remote!), MUST shop on Thursday, December 6th.

Shoppers, PLEASE NOTE, you can only do 6 of these Consumer Technology shops. If you self-assign more than that, they will be canceled and removed without pay.

Do you like shopping for smartphones? If so, we have the perfect shop for you! There is no purchase necessary (you will not be reimbursed for any purchase).

* You MUST conduct this shop alone. You cannot bring anyone with you.

* You will dress to impress!

* You must be 20-62 years old

* You must pass a quiz within 3 tries that cover the guidelines and requirements for this shop.

Some highlights of the assignment:

* Before your visit, you will review high-end smartphone pricing on the retailer's website, so you are familiar with the price range and you can respond to questions about your budget.

* When you visit your assigned store location you will be counting the number of customers and salespeople in the section/area of the store that specifically sells smartphones.

* You will be interacting with a salesperson to discuss smartphones. If you are not approached by a salesperson within 5 minutes, you will then seek out a salesperson and approach him/her for assistance.

* You will listen for recommendations and then focus the conversation on a specific product (see your shopper guidelines for details). During the conversation, you will be responding to the salesperson's questions. You will also be asking about which models are in stock for a particular smartphone brand (see your shopper guidelines).

* This mystery shop requires you to discreetly take a photo of the exterior of the store to validate your visit. We ask that you take 2 photos and to follow the photo requirements as outlined in your shopper guidelines.

* If the location you are assigned is located in a mall/shopping center, you will also be required to take a photo of the mall/shopping center's exterior in addition to the storefront photo.

* This is a "mystery shop", so you are NOT to reveal that you are a mystery shopper at any time during your shop visit. Let's keep the "mystery" in mystery shopping!

Please contact Bill at for help getting these shops.

Available Locations,


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