Is Sinclair a good company?

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Sinclair is a reputable company. I have done some work for them for years. I pick and choose which ones I want to do. Payment is about average. Bonuses are few and far between (and generally small) for the shops I do.

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They are a great company!

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They are good, the scheduler for my pizza shops is friendly. I had a pizza shop the other night that was past the 20 min wait so I left as directed. Appreciate I will receive the full rate promised. Unlike RBG that if you follow all instructions but if shop is not parked at location or is closed inside their operating hours then your pay is cut in half. They dont tell you eitber just assume you know.
Just below these messages on the board is a link to a list of hundreds of mystery shopping companies. Find them on the list and click on the link. On the next page that opens, you should be able to find a link to that MSC's page, where you can sign up.

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Whole lotta $7 shops around here, all at least 15-20 miles from each other. They happen to be quickish shops but would make no sense for the time. If they were hoping people would add them to other routes, I'm not sure it would be worth $7 plus a convenience store purchase to slow the route down. It something new; hopefully they will up the fees.
I personally love Sinclair. I've been doing shops for them right at a year and haven't had any issues. The schedulers have always been super helpful and their reports are easy!
They have one pizza place here but you have to go at four or after....freeway traffic gets me home at rush hour, doesn't work.

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The staff is friendly and responsive. However, they are very tight with bonuses. I refuse to shop their bank near me because they pay $14 while ATH offers more for the same type of shops.
I really like them as well.. haven’t had any issues at all and the staff I’ve interacted with are very friendly. I do think they pay on the lower end at least for the shops near me but I still do a few near me and the reports are very easy.
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