Financial Institution Shops - IL

I am Vicky with Harland Clarke and we are looking for Mystery Shoppers in your area to shop financial institutions shops with branches in Marengo and Union IL available for immediate and upcoming assignment.

There is no out of pocket expense to become a shopper for our company or conduct these shops. We are especially looking for MSPA certified shoppers or shoppers experienced in shopping banks and/or credit unions.

Most Shop assignments consist of evaluating the facility, teller, and a higher level representative and pay $40 for the complete and accurate return on or before the due date and a few are one rep shops paying $20.

We use question and answer forms with approximately 17 questions per part and require a detailed written narrative that gives us the story of your encounter as well as describes the facility and illustrates the answers marked on the forms.

We do not have a job board but will email shoppers in our system to alert and check interest on assignments as they are available. You can go to our website and register to indicate your interest in shopping for our company if you are not already a shopper []

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