CT Shoppers - We Have Dinner Shops for Up to $90! ($5 Bonus + $10 shop pay + $75 reimbursement)

Hi Shoppers! $5 Bonus just added for this final round of June shops (must be assigned and completed between 6/24 and 6/29/2022)!

$10 shop pay plus $75 reimbursement!

KSS International, Inc. on behalf of The Jack Network (formerly Confidential Consumer) is scheduling an exciting new restaurant program!

IMPORTANT: Once assigned, please review the Shopper Guidelines prior to your visit, as they change often!

This is a dinner shop for you and a guest. Do not sit at the bar. You will request a table INSIDE OR OUTSIDE and evaluate dining service. You are required to order one alcoholic beverage for the table service portion and will be reimbursed for a maximum of 2 alcoholic drinks (1 per guest). Reimbursement is capped at $75.

IMPORTANT: You must pay with a credit card and obtain the itemized receipt AND credit card receipt in order to receive full reimbursement. You also MUST make a phone call to set up the reservation (it is recorded in the shop form). As a dinner shop, these must be started AFTER 4 p.m.

Thank you for your interest in these shops, I look forward to working with you!

KSS International, Inc.
on Behalf of The Jack Network (Formerly Confidential Consumer)

You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop:
* You cannot have shopped the same location within 45 days
* Your age must be 21 years or More


Business Type/Name: Casual Upscale Wine Bar
Due Date : 06-29-22
Shop cannot be performed BEFORE 06-24-22

Available Shops:
* CT: Fairfield, New Haven, Norwalk, Stamford, West Hartford->

* MA: Boston, Brookline->

* NC: Charlotte, Raleigh->

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