Fast Food Evaluators Needed ASAP !!!

Sinclair Customer Metrics currently has several evaluation mystery shops available for “one of the nation’s largest and most popular hamburger chains, with over 2200 location in 20 States, and was wondering if you were interested in doing the secret shop for us? The available shop must be completed on (selected date) between the hours of 6AM to 11AM or 11AM to 2PM or 4PM to 10PM. The assignment would pay $9.00 For the Evaluation & Up to $16.00 for reimbursement. The objective of this shop is to evaluate your experience as a consumer and evaluate the customer service, employee appearance, store appearance, product quality, and drive thru service. You will conduct purchases both inside the restaurant as well as through the drive thru on the same visit. You are required to purchase one of the following Dine in items for the appropriate meal time as well as purchase one of the items for the Drive-Thru. Note: that you will be reimbursed for the cost, including the tax of the item or combo (Inside) and side items in the list below. You may choose which of the two items to order. You are required eat your meal inside the restaurant and you must submit a register receipt in order to receive payment.

If you are interested in this shop, Please go to and click on "Become a Mystery Shopper" and complete the sign up. You will be issued a Shopper ID#. You must be registered with us before I can assign the shop to you.
Registration with Sinclair Customer Metrics is absolutely FREE! There are NO START-UP FEES OR CHARGES of any kind EVER !!!!

NOTE: When you come to the Shoppers Challenge, (The XO Test) You must score 100%. You will only be allowed to try twice. If you Do Not Score 100% on the first try, Stop and contact me. I can help you get past this and get you set up. If you try a second time and do not score 100% , the system will lock you out and this ID# will have to be reset. This does not mean you cannot shop with us, it will just take a little longer to get you set up and reactivated.
Once you have completed the sign up process, please contact me at or 800 600 3871 Ext.200, and let me know you are complete.

Emmett Eugene Godley
Account Assistant/Scheduler
Sinclair Customer Metrics

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