Yahoo mail problems 11-12-2014, can you fix it.

There has been a lot of talk about our Yahoo mail problems. Has anyone used the Smart PC fixer? $29.95 a year.
Fix Run.dll error RegServo software, $29.95 a year.
I am not computer savvy. I just have to have my Yahoo mail work for my shopping emails. I have had problems for a few months now. Not opening errors, wait and reopen, etc. You all know how much work it would be to change the email address for all our MSC. Does anyone have or know of a solution

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to fix an online web account? no software can do that.
If you have spyware or malware slowing you down.
Download a program called

It's free. you can find it on cnet's

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Thanks, I knew Techman01 would get back to me. I don't think I have spyware or malware. I just have Norton.
Download "Nortons Power Scrubber". It will clean things up for you...

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