Funny Restaurant Scam my Siblings would use on a nice California Chain, Order the "Liver and Onions" Platter.

Mentioning cheap people I wanted to share one of the reasons I stopped hanging around my two of my siblings because they treated people horribly. One of their scams is to go in to a few well known California Central-Valley Eateries to order the dreaded "Liver and Onions" while the rest order expensive quick to prepare items that always turn out yummy, not according to these crooks!

Most Waiters or Waitress try to serve your table all at once, so when "Liver and Onions" is ordered the Quickie Food sits under a heat-lamp and french fries get cold. So once my family would gorge themselves on sourdough, squaw and other hot breads their meal finally comes. Here is how the Scam is played, younger sibling say's "my french fries are cold!" calls the Waiter over to examine his dish "oh, sorry sir, let me get you a dish of french fries, before the Waiter can leave the female say's "My sandwich is soggy, why is my sandwich soggy?" Waiter get's overwhelmed by a coordinated effort of two families with six kids all complaining about the food. Their brutal to their waiter and waitress, attacking their personal speed and complaining "My water has been dry since yesterday, even though he was a good waiter and did everything in his power to make them happy, you can't make thieves who planed to not pay for their meals pay!

Manager is called to their table, two work for Law Enforcement making sure their badges are sitting open on the table. Soon after yelling and threatening to call Corporate the Manager Comp's the entire meal giving them $50-$100 in gift cards. I tried to pay for my meal, I was so sick to my stomach these people who make so much money are so evil and greedy. They got free beverages, wine and beer just to keep them from making a scene. What's sad is one of the troublemakers was a waitress for twenty five years and complained how she got treated bad and measures everyone with her tight scale. My brother took the gift-cards even though I left the tip and offered to pay for everyone's meal. My Mom and Dad would be so embarrassed if they were still alive. I hope Karma or the Universe send's negative things their way because their hearts are so dark, if you believe in Satan I think he would kick them off his pay-roll because their that bad!

These clowns ended up having contests of who could get the most money from restaurants including their meals, drinks and "get the hell out of here gift-card!" just to make them shut up. Have you ever heard of people being so indecent, heartless and greedy when they personally make over $150k a year including money from the Government, Social Security plus other payments to raise your own grandchild?

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When people ask how these two siblings are doing I usually say "I have no idea!" because Life is so short we have other nice people to enjoy it with. These two are the people who had Costco change their "Computer Returns" and "Electronic Returns" Policy because they returned their computers every two years to upgrade them. I remember my younger brother returned his Dell after Nine Years saying "Its broken!" and Costco returned it taking a $3000 hit! I asked one of them who is a fake Christian, how can you be so corrupt and she said "Costco owes me!". Things that make you scratch your head!

The funny part is "Who orders Liver and Onions"? When he complained "My Liver and Onions have the texture of Texas Cattle hide, take it back! These are the style of customers our Shops must deal with, so when I do a Eatery Shop I try to see the best in people without being harsh. I can say my sister would give "Bad Marks" on all her Shops unless the Server was perfect!
Your siblings sound like the folks that many people think are what MSers are supposed to be.

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@walesmaven wrote:

Your siblings sound like the folks that many people think are what MSers are supposed to be.

No, we have to eat whatever we are given without complaint--unless the chicken is raw!
It sounds like a lot of work on their part just to get some free food. I wonder if they have some type of mental disorder.
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