Buddy for shipping shops

Anyone want to be my buddy for shipping shops? All of my friends and family are too close in zones to me for most of them and I want to pick more of these up as I could easily do on my lunch break. You could use me to if you also do the shops. Might be fun to see how random we can make a box of junk or goodies or water bottles to fit the weight requirements smiling smiley My 3 digit zip is 324, and I would prefer someone in a zone 5 or 6 for me. Lately, I've just picked random people from sendsomething.net but I don't want to freak out perfect strangers and it takes time to write a note to explain I just needed their address lol Also, I love getting mail, not matter what it is.

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"Too close in zones"? Really? I'm in the middle of the country. I send to my sister in California, and if I send over 2 lbs., it costs me over the reimbursement. I send the same weight to my friend 30 miles away, and it only costs $7.25.

Oops -- I think you need to take the company name out of the title of the shop.

You do know you can send to friends and families as long as it's not in the same ZIP as the PO you're mailing from, right? For example, 95501 can't mail to 95501, but certainly could mail to 95502, or 95500.

Unless, of course, some areas of the country are under a different set of rules than I get to see (which may be true, as I sort of follow some discussions on this subject, and people constantly bring up things I've never seen on any of my assignments).
Unfortunately, not. Our IC agreements keep us from sharing that type of info.


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@dtaylor wrote:

can someone tell me which company now is doing the post office shops? Thanks.

We can't tell you the name of the company, but I will tell you that the ones that I know of are not Sassie shops.
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