gardening (cont'd)

Has anyone planted seeds? I planted coleus, dill and oregano so far. They are doing well.

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I plant the seeds inside using peat pellets or potting soil. smiling smiley It is snowing here too...mostly ice.
I have seedlings for Burpee cherry tomatoes, Burpee sweet hybrid mix pepper and Burpee jalapenos!! YAY.... today I planted more seeds... cleome, geraniums, dill & oregano!
4/10 I had planted Burpee yellow pear tomato, Burpee salsa tomato, Burpee sun gold tomato (hybrid) and Burpee Cherokee purple tomato all came up. Another YAY!!~ ... smiling smiley
anyone else?
I kept meaning to try seeds and never get around to it in time. My herbs in the garden started coming up in February this year. The chives and thyme were first to appear then I got a wonderful surprise when 15 of the 18 parsley plants from last year came back along with a first year sage plant. Parsley should be good for two years, but sometimes a bitter winter will wipe them out. All I will need to do is plant some rosemary, tarragon and basil in pots over the next couple of weeks. None of them ever come back so they don't go in the garden.

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Does anyone know abt spider plants? A neighbor lady of mine used to take the plants out of the pot, divide them and cut the roots. Has anyone ever done this?
The weather here in Mass. is still cold. I did put in a few marigolds, the large ones, they like the cold. I think my oregano is coming up. I usually don't do seeds except for a few herbs. Can't wait for tomatoes and cucumbers, I have a long wait.
lucky7s I have reported many household plants. Carefully remove all of the plant and roots from the pot. Have good potting soil ready for re-planting. You might want to do this outside. Divide as much as you like, trim roots, but not to much ,depending on how pot bound they are. Some plants like to be pot bound. I have a money tree that was about a foot high, every year or two I repot it. Now it is 6' tall and is a great plant. I do have a sun room with lots of light. You can always go on-line to a garden center.
I had spider plants for years and never bothered dividing them. One plant and before you know it there are hundreds. I doubt there is any other plant quite so prolific.

OTOH, I do divide my peace lilies every so often. Out of four, the oldest is 30 years old. Putting them into progressively larger pots results in a look I don't personally care for. By dividing them they have been content in 20 or 24 inch pots for years. I've had friends tell me they can't keep them alive. I have actually found them to be quite forgiving. During the winter, when I forget to water, they tend to get a lot of brown leaves. When it warms up they go outside, all the brown leaves get pulled or cut until the plants look a little puny. Five months outside in the humidity makes them full and lush again.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
My spider plants (in 2 large hanging baskets) came from babies my kids brought home from day camp 25 years ago. They're very prolific. It's on my To Do list this week to divide and repot them.

They will be so root bound that I have to cut off some of the roots with a steak knife. Then I use the same knife to chop the remaining mass into small pieces, each containing one plant and put half of the plants back in the pot with fresh soil.

Some years I toss the extras in the hard waste can. Some years I offer them up on Facebook or Freecycle. Last year I stuck them directly into the ground, where they grew nicely until killed by frost in the fall.
@lucky7s wrote:

Does anyone know abt spider plants? A neighbor lady of mine used to take the plants out of the pot, divide them and cut the roots. Has anyone ever done this?

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I have solid green spider plants and someone gave me 2 spiders that have green on white leaves and white on green leaves. The white on green grow spider babies on a long stem. The green on white grows spider babies from the dirt and they come up around the main piece. I never saw that before.

What color spider plants do you have?smiling smiley
@2stepps wrote:

Has anyone tried using a hay bale to plant the garden in?

I used hay as a weed barrier in my garden box this year and it worked great.
I am starting seeds indoors. The natural growing season here is short. Someday, I might try a starter machine, which is some sort of non-hormonal growth spurt device that allegedly produces transplantable sprouts in just five days.

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Shop-et-al....what kind of seeds do you use? I use peat pellets and a tray. I pour water in and the pellets get larger, then I put the seeds in, put them under a plant gro bulb and they usually come up in a week.....sometimes 4 or 5 days.
I've been eating arugula and romaine out of the garden for a few days. Sadly the spinach is wayyyyy behind for some reason. The herb garden is starting to do well too. Especially the basil and cilantro. Pumpkins just poked their head out this weekend. And the green beans are growing like weeds. The careots and radishes aren't doing anything though.

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I planted some scallion seeds I had since 2000 and 1 pack was from 2002. They are Burpee seeds, so I took photos of the seed packs and also the seedlings, then emailed them to Burpee. They replied..."Thank you for sharing. Usually those seeds last 1 -2 years."
sweet!!~ smiling smiley
Someone gave me a peace lily plant when I lost my father in 2005 and I have divided them one time and they are past due for another separation. I did not know the would live so long. Hopefully I can put them outside for the summer soon. It is plant that I now give when someone has lost a loved one.
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