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I'm brand new to the mystery shopping world and just received my first assignment from About Face to deposit a cashier check into my account and let them know once complete so they can release the funds. Does anyone have experience with one of this nature? Thank you in advance.

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I may be wrong but this sounds like a scam coming from a company pretending to be About Face. I suggest you wait to do this shop until a more experienced forum member takes a look at this thread.
100% SCAM. Do NOT cash or deposit that check. You should contact your local police department and show them/hand over the check.

ETA: Think about it. Why would a "company" especially one that you have never worked for before, send you "free" money without doing any work for it? A lot of mystery shopping is using common sense.

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NO, and I repeat NO, legitimate mystery shopping company pays in advance. The scammers spoof the real company's website.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
For sure a scam.
I would suggest as a new shopper reading over the posts in the "New Mystery Shoppers" forum. This issue is addressed there.
Yes all of those topics are a lot of reading, but they are very beneficial to being a successful shopper from the start, (including not falling for scams).
Be glad you asked though. That scam dupes a lot of people every year.
It's Def a scam.

Also, fyi a cashier check is guaranteed funds, so there's no need to release the funds.

This happened to someone I personally know. Their account was closed and they can no longer bank with that bank. I'd advise you to contact your banks fraud department and let them know you are a victim of a scam before they place you on chexsystem.
You may also want to contact the real About Face and let them know about the scam. And maybe sign up with them if you haven't already. They may have legitimate work in your area. smiling smiley
They must be busy, i got one today as well. Not a cashiers check but the same game about depositing and calling to release the funds. Great idea kdickersonshops.
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