Does this forum have a place scheduler jobs are posted?

I quit my job as a a scheduler. I was really good at it and well liked by the shoppers. Unfortunately, it wasn't worth being called all hours of the night by editors who liked to nag at me for things that have nothing to do with my job or responsibilities, especially for the wage i was paid. Every MSP I apply to, never emails me back and seems automated. Any ideas? L

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What about a dispatcher for a Pest Control company or something like that? I know that's not MSC scheduler but an idea.
I second the recommendation to look outside the industry. My life did nothing but improve when I quit scheduling. You will be inheriting the same headaches with any other MSC...

I'm much happier as a shopper with the experience of having been a scheduler.
I just met a woman who started doing customer service for Princess Cruises, beginning pay was low, but she got health benefits and promoted, and now has a good full time job and a free yearly cruise, after 4 years. Headquarters are in my town, but other cruise lines are worth looking into.

Live consciously....

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If a certain someone whose name starts with a K at Summit continues in a certain fashion, I assume they will have openings soon.
And in answer to your original question, no this forum does not have a special place for scheduler jobs.

That's disheartening to hear that the problem of bat-poop crazy co-workers are allowed to exist in this industry. I really really liked it and I was really good at it. Part of why I liked it was I did not have to work customer service. Back to etsy full time I guess LOL!
My job that supports me has nothing to do with mystery shopping and I work with some who are bat-poop crazy. I feel for you. Finding something that you love/like/tolerate may help with the bat-poop crazy

So exciting! If you really liked it AND were good at it then we need you! Maybe volition has something? I can get you all of the phone numbers/emails for all the scheduling companies I can find.
Nobody gets rich in this industry except for the bosses of the mystery shopping firms. I echo what others have said about looking outside the industry.
I didn't think he pay was all that bad. what do schedulers normally make? What is 'the source' ?
i mean the old MSI right?

if i want to move to California and work as an editor for 14 bucks an hour pfft.
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