What do you do besides mystery shop?

In my past life, I graduated with a BSN in Nursing back in 1975, and worked at it until 1987, when my husband at the time was killed by a drunk driver, and I was 6 weeks pregnant. I started spotting, so stopped working, and my son was born healthy later on (hence, my forum name "guysmom"!!) Anyhow, since then, I remarried, and worked as the Corporate Secretary/Treasurer for my husband's small pest control company (just 12 employees) from 1990 until he sold it in 2007. I started MSing in 2005, and after my hubby sold his company, I got into merchandising and did a LOT of that (resets especially) until 2013, until some health issues came up. After recovering from that, I got back into MSing part time, although I will do some light merchandising if it comes along. So now, I'm retired, and mainly spend my time being with hubby, or doing part-time MSing, church activites, breast cancer support group, playing the piano, crosswords, housework, visiting my son & family....just stuff. It's nice that I'm not on a strict schedule anymore.

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I'm 47. My husb is 62. We were married when I was 29, and before marrying him, I was dating a guy who was 17 years older than me.
Interesting thread, and yes, many bright accomplished people ending up MSing, who would have thought it.
I never heard of it when younger, so glad I found it, as it is a great way for seniors to supplement their income, give their brain a challenge and stay busy. Love reading about everyone, keep it going. I keep saying I'm retiring, but, always end up taking a job, easy to find, keeps boredom at arms length and really helps my memory...tomorrow is a bank, many restaurants in my future, heck, I'm only 81...lol

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@Jill_L wrote:

I'm 47. My husb is 62. We were married when I was 29, and before marrying him, I was dating a guy who was 17 years older than me.

I'm 13 years younger than my husband. We have been together for fifteen years. I met him when I was 24, married at 28.
Oh look what I started, LOL.

My oldest brother is 72. I am 56. His wife (second wife) is 2 years younger than I am and they have been happily married for almost 25 years. They really are perfect for each other.

So some people defy stereotypes. Thank you all who do for the clarifications.
I always say older men (in their 70's) are looking for a nurse or a purse, my experience 75% of the time.
I have been approached by much younger men thinking I'm 25 years younger than I am, but being from the old school, I like mature and no more than 10 years younger. I went with a great man 3 years older that did pushups every morning, we walked the bridge over the gulf of Mexico daily (Sarasota, Fl.) and went dancing 3 times a week, so, one never knows where happiness finds you...age is just a #. (within reason).

Live consciously....
That would be a good topic, yet a taboo one...people’s ages. I’m 31 and my doppelgänger is a celebrity...no one really knows that I shop on the side and those that do say that I don’t fit the age range or “description” of a shopper.
Full time job as an accountant, some past jobs have been certified plumbing inspector, security guard, restaurant hostess, legal assistant, title research, and software trainer. It's been interesting to see what members have done.

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I have a MBA in international business and I work as an Accounting Manager. At some point I want to move up to finance, but for now, accounting is where it is. I think I'm good at shops because I'm detail oriented and to the point, which kind of goes with the accounting thing.
I have an MBA and a Masters in Commerce. Back home, I worked with one of the top private banks as a CPA. I used to sanction loans against properties and to corporates. My husband is in IT. I got married and came here. I had no work visa then. When we finally got our Green Card, I was already so used to sitting at home and taking care of my daughter. Frankly speaking, I have never been ambitious as far as career goes. I love staying at home! That being said, I also like being productive and hence a bit of MS.
I have a B.S. in Public Administration and currently work for an insurance pool that self-insures some of the Counties here in my state. My 9-5 is never boring LOL
In my past life I was a fashion store manger but that was before I hurt my back so bad , now I just to shopping and merchandising. In my spare time I love to read , study my Bible , spend time with the two men in my life my hubby of 43 years nd our son. I am the broad of the local Newcommers club , I am the socail leader of my Sunday School class too .
I am currently in management for a work at home call center that provides tech support. Prior to that, I scheduled mystery shopping assignments for 2 years, I have plenty of background in call centers in my life.

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Not scheduling for ANY company.
That is the point.


You would have never known it by looking at them.

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I am a software developer and work from home full time. Kiddos are both teenagers so they need me much less now. I shop for some extra money and to get out of the house a bit...and free meals of course!
I am a full time travel agent. I am either stapled to my desk or on a trip far, far away (no happy medium). I studied Anthropology in college. In my former life I was a technical writer.
I work full time as a graphic artist and computer animator. Have since 1986. Also local political activist. No matter what your political bent is, everyone get out and vote tomorrow. It's only a real democracy if we all participate.

proudly shopping in the D.
I am an administrator for Cafeteria Plan accounts - FSA, HSA, HRA, etc. I prepare documents, answer the phones and attend enrollment meetings. Lucky to work in a small office M-Th with somewhat flexible hours. I have Fridays and the weekends off.
My daughter attends our Youth Performing Arts high school in the orchestra program, so chauffeuring her around is a part time job.

MissChele - Shopping KY, IN & OH
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In regards to my profession, I am a project pipeline engineer and consultant in the midstream oil & gas industry. I am also an active real estate investor currently getting a second rental property prepared to rent out. I'm also a very active Slickdealer still trying to figure out other streams of income.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 29 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
I went to college for a year, then realized I didn’t want the job at the other end. Dropped out to run my own business and have done so for (6? years) now.
@Msaddict wrote:

Jill_L, I think the atlanta conference is in 2020

Thanks for letting me know.
I was a Professor of Chemistry at a research university for 7 years. I then worked for a large multinational company for 30 years, first 15 years doing process analytical chemistry and then transitioned into training employees in both business process and product improvement and in innovation. I began mystery shopping for relaxation and variety and because I understood the value of mystery shopping. Plus, post-divorce, I needed the money. Post-retirement, I have been a consultant in innovation and in business process and product improvement. Two-weeks-on and then two-weeks-off for two years sounds great until I tell people about the 30 hour trips each way to and from Asia. That international consulting is ending, and I plan to stay intellectually stimulated by doing the mystery shops that I enjoy. I also have a degree in history, so I was trained to write well. This has been a fascinating thread.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Lots of teachers here!

I'm a certified teacher and have taught in a special ed school, helped to home school children, pushed in to support preschoolers with special needs in their general ed classrooms, stuff like that. As of about two years ago, my main job is supervising home programs for children and adolescents with ASD. I train their therapists and parents. I feel very fortunate as I am able to focus on very functional skills and individualize each child's program. We teach things like crossing the street safely, stranger danger, brushing teeth, toleration (going to the dentist, noisy vacuum cleaners, things like that), play skills, language skills, eating vegetables, taking a pill, etc. I absolutely love it! I've taught children ages 3-21.

I'm also working on my second post masters. The semester is almost over! I could use a break :-P
I would not normally share this, but I want to say how much love I have for teachers, especially special needs. My son has Spastic Quadriplegia, and I know how hard it can be to care for one child that truly needs you 100%, and you all do it for much more then just one.

Orlando - lightly shopping NC
I am also a lifetime teacher. I have worked with children officially since I was 14, and two years before that as a babysitter. I have taught elementary school in one of the most violent neighborhoods in the country. I have also taught fairly to very privileged kids at a play based parent participation school. Currently, I teach math at a continuation high school. It’s an amazing program and the kids are amazing!!!

My family is in education. My grandpa was county superintendent of my district when I was growing up, for twenty years. My grandma was a teacher before they met at work and married. Two of their four kids are teachers, as well as a grandchild (me) and two great grandchildren. I also have a second mom (long story) who has a master’s in early childhood education.

I tried mystery shopping when my kids were little, and it was too difficult to find the right jobs that I could do with a baby and/or a toddler. I didn’t want to use time away from kids to shop. To be honest, it was the Ikea shop that made me take a long break from MS. I also had a part time job that included bringing my kids, so...

I started shopping again when I was unemployed. I really think it’s fun and it’s part hobby/part money making/saving for me. I’m getting a handle on my new job, so I’ve been on a major slowdown these past few months. I think I will always shop though. I really like it.
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