Scheduling and Editing

I see positions fairly often from MSC companies offering positions as schedulers and editors.

Since I have been thinking about doing editing and/or scheduling, I have been paying attention a bit...and have noticed that schedulers and editors tend to be the same person long term, so it must be a decent gig.

I'm thinking of applying with Amusement Advantage, but I do have the issue of a family vacation that is already planned for April 30- May 20, which may "invalidate" me anyway. I don't plan on NOT working those days, but it would be a bit more limited. We will be driving, so I can do many hours while in the car.

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And whether invalidated or not for the current postings I see....still just wondering how people feel about editing/scheduling as I would consider it in my future
I advise you to think long and hard about the decision. I love being a scheduler but it definitely is a full time commitment, especially when just starting out and I hear that Amusement advantages is quite difficult to schedule for. As for schedulers and editors being the same person this is not the case. I don't know if there are some rare occasions that it does happen but in general no they are separate positions, jobs done by two separate people. I'm sure you'd probably enjoy doing the work as I have but it's something you should really think about.
They are rarely posted. When you build up a reputation with a company they will start sending emails. If you have a good relationship with your schedulers you can send politely worded inquiries to them, too.
@Keley Kolish,

Thanks for the insight. I do know that schedulers and editors are different people. I just meant that I have seen the same schedulers who are asking me to do shops and the same editors who are editing my shops, so those two people have seemed as if they have done the job long term
I think schedulers and editors have a high rate of turnover. It can either be intentional, like with ACL, or they just move on.

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I do not think schedulers have a high rate of turnover. Maybe, it depends on the company. I seem to work with the same schedulers most of the time.
I *think* they pay by the question or by the report. I know for one company, it said editors made something like a few cents per question; and a minimum of $10/report.

I'm not sure about other companies

My biggest drawback is that not only does an editor have to check for spelling, sentence structure, and basic flow of the report so that it makes sense and is understandable....but they also have to coincide yes/no answers with the report, which IMO would take a while longer than just re reading and fixing the writing...

I think schedulers make a certain amount per shop with a bonus if/when all shops are filled within a certain time period
Where is Jas, she was a Scheduler and wrote about it...try and find old post, good info. there.
ACL is always looking for Schedulers, but be careful, pay very low (I heard).

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No, I was an editor for two different MSCs at different times throughout the years. Hated it. The pay was awful ($5 a report, no matter how long it took you to edit it). Plus, I was house bound a lot of the time and didn't have time to go out and do shops as much. Never again. I still have a great relationship with both of those MSCs, though.

SoCalMama was both an editor and a scheduler. She didn't enjoy editing at all and I think she didn't like scheduling much, but it was most likely because it was such a huge time commitment. You'd have to ask her, though.
@stormraven73 wrote:

Where is @SteveSoCal to answer this one?

I was both editor and scheduler, and was an employee. After I moved to scheduling they would still throw editorial at me when they were busy. I was not allowed to do shops for the MSC when I worked there so it wasn't a good fit for me. Ready about all the great meals and travel everyone else was enjoying just made me bitter....

I know it's a good fit for others, but you have to be someone who enjoys being home all of the time. I went a little 'stir crazy'.
Exactly. It was good for me in the winter for about 6 weeks when we got a lot of snow (I obviously don't live in SoCal, LOL). The rest of the year I wanted to go, go, go! I love taking lengthy vacations and wanted to take a lot of time during the year to do things besides editing. That doesn't work.
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