Eye floaters

Has anyone had to deal with these?They just came on all of a sudden. The eye doc said my retina wasn't torn so that is a good thing. I read on the internet that they become less noticeable after a while or they go completely away. Thank you.

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I don't get them anymore. When I did, my eye MD said that they were harmless and could be caused by a variety of different things. This was after she checked the health of my eyes.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
I get them now and then, don't know why or where they come from, but they are annoying and do go away.
They are harmless.

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My husband got them last year. At first he thought they were gnats flying in front of him, and would try to grasp them in the air!! He looked so funny!!! The eye dr told him that they were floaters, and were harmless. He said they were caused by the vitreous liquid back in the eye breaking off in little, tiny pieces, and when they get in the line of vision cause the "floaters". He said it happens as we age. They seemed to go away after a short time. Either that, or he just got used to them, which the eye dr said would also happen.
Thank you all. Yes, I find them annoying and I tried to bat them away when I first got them. I just have a big cobweb type one over my right eye. I think I will celebrate the day they are finally gone. Getting older sucks.
Getting older is a blessing and better than not!

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
@HonnyBrown wrote:

Getting older is a blessing and better than not!
It's better than the alternative, haha!!

Anyhow, when hubby started having the floaters and "grabbing" what he thought were gnats, it got me to thinking. You know how we sometimes see "old folks" (but certainly not us active senior MSers!!) sometimes portrayed in the older movies, as sitting in chairs in rest homes, just staring into space, and swatting at stuff that's not there??? I wonder if "floaters" had anything to do with portraying them that way???
Have you had a doctor tell you they are floaters? I ask because my mom has dealt with them. Recently, she had trouble seeing and thought they were floaters again - a big one. Turns out they were little hemorrhages in the eye. Had to had laser surgery to repair them. Not the most serious thing that could happen but still.

@Clamchatter wrote:

I just have a big cobweb type one over my right eye..

I sometimes get them, usually harmless. Good to have it checked out though. My dad got them and in the past 5 years he has had retinal detachment in both eyes requiring immediate surgery both times. Always good to go see the eye doc! They can check for tears that indicate the retina is detaching.
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