PM for funds from "Wood4meWorks".

I received a PM from above telling me her story, asking for help. I really resent this and wanted to know if she has done this to anyone else. She pulled up an old thread about what we did before MSing and basically asked for $$/help. I feel I am being used and want her taken off the forum, unless a kind sole wants to respond to this brazen use of the forum. I will leave the forum if these actions are not taken care of.

Live consciously....

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No, but that pretty much sucks. You should report to the forum moderators. Just go into your messages, click "reply" to her PM, click the x by her name and the box will go blank. Then enter "forum moderator" into the box of who to send it to and it will go to the mods. I am sure that they will give a stern reprimand to this forum member about it.
I think publicly "outing" her about it might suffice in making her feel ashamed for trying to take advantage of others.
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