Homeless "Camping Out" & Using Starbucks and Panera WiFi

I like reporting at libraries because I love libraries and there is no.need to buy something in order to be welcome there. But in the boonies between cell towers, on Sunday, or at night, there are fewer options.

The most dangerous idea is silencing people. - Naval Ravikant

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Panera Bread has a two hour limit and their coffee rose to $2.50 per cup.....no way Jose...they lost me with that price hike. I used to go there often, no more.

Live consciously....
Obviously none of you have ever faced a situation in which you had no control over..after having cancer not only eat my livelihood but also my wallet, bank accounts, home forclosure , etc and no family or anyone to turn to I myself bwas homeless and living in a car, then the Forest...and I am a 45 year old woman that searched for shelter places to help but they were all full!
I lived no where and no one would help...I even asked Catholic Charities and churches for help...so yeah I had to "hang out" in public places...I did my best to not "look homeless" oh and by the way I am a clean as they come I don't drink or do drugs and never have...did I use McDonald's for a sponge bath Yes I did ..I even washed my hair in their sink...why because there was no room for me anywhere...so maybe instead of @#$%& about people maybe you should offer some hospitality and give them a survival bad that includes soap..by the way it's expensive living homeless as you can't buy a cart of groceries to store later and cost of public transportation all adds up especially for people that are on limited income like I was only getting social security disability which doesn't even buy toilet paper .. next time you faced with a homeless person help them find a way to get a shower or give them a lunch bag with a drink and sandwich that is all they want is help to survive from people like you...

And remember everyone is 1 paycheck away from being homeless themselves...think about it otherwise why you doing secret shopping for more income?

I am disgusted by all these comments y'all have made and God Bless you that you never have your life ripped from under you over no fault of your own.
Your situation sounds terrible and unfair. Please tell me how I have offended you so that I, specifically, can avoid that in future.Thank you.

The most dangerous idea is silencing people. - Naval Ravikant
I'm in South Dakota and we see around 5 homeless people die from exposure every winter - just in my town. The city is trying to set up better shelters and support systems so this doesn't keep repeating.
My post was not directed to you Honorc, I was talking in general. I am sorry for your situation and wish there was help for all who become homeless due to adverse circumstances...I didn't mean to offend you, the forum is not personal.

Live consciously....

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My little town is making progress. Organizations are gathering information, using it, and making changes. The most recent big change was to relocate a resource to a one-floor space so that clients, volunteers, and staff will have easier access to all the functions. Previously, the functions were spread out across several floors. Stairs and an old, iffy elevator were problematic and probably a deterrent or hindrance to adequate service. Tptb are now addressing food insecurity in various ways. A community group has been addressing local food needs for several years and will continue to do so. A family sheltering program is in place. I do not know what is happening for homeless individuals beyond the fact that they have access to the food and to social services. The little town has a free/low-cost health clinic which is well used. While this is far from everything for everyone, it is something for some people. It is infinitely better than my early days here, when homeless persons were given bus tickets and sent to another city.

I chuckled when I re-read the opening post. I often look like a bedraggled, sodden mass of something. For the early job, I wear whatever will withstand whatever comes along that day. Some days, the weather and the job make me a mess! I never mind it when people see me in the morning and express that

a) It's early in the morning which really means late at night and therefore I am just another drunk. It is not my fault that they did not take the good logic courses.
b) The clothing is wretched! Look at that! Eeeeew!!!!! Well, if you did this job, your clothing would be wretched, too.
c) That is not a job. That can;t be a job. I never heard of that. They're lying. I know they're lying. That is not work. That is not a job. Again. It is not my fault that they did not take the good logic courses.

Until now, I had not really connected the fact that I, at early work, can look like a person who has no work and no home. Hmm.....

The most dangerous idea is silencing people. - Naval Ravikant

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We have many avenue's for help, problem being so many homeless have mental illness and hard to control or are on drugs. We have a woman's shelter in my town, I often bring them my clothes, and they get help from the community. This is a problem without solutions for all, and should we let in more homeless? Building low costing apartments have happened in certain area's, and we can't find fault with that...the problem is overwhelming.

Live consciously....
A few years ago, SBux covered all wall outlets and moved them to a long communal table. I wonder if that caused those who were there to work or web-surf to sit together, freeing all those tables for the homeless.

By the way, already three Starbucks have closed in my area. Corporate announced that they would close 150 stores that were too close to others, but I don't think that these were the case in my area. One opened up nearby without any seating whatsoever, drive-thru only. That could be their new plan: sell coffee, not a place to go.

I haven't seen as much camping in Panera. Their prices are higher and the staff are more visible in the dining rooms. Coincidentally, I also noticed one nearby Panera closed, just down the lane from a closed Starbucks. They were in a busy, somewhat upscale shopping center.

Once I was in that Panera and a young guy, seated with friends who were ordering food, produced a bag of salad, a bottle of dressing, a mixing bowl, and utensils. He made himself a salad and nobody said boo to him. I had never seen anyone bring outside food so brazenly!
They just opened up a new SB near me taking over the old Hallmark store, it's huge and gorgeous with no drive-thru. We have a SB on every corner with nothing closing, the new ones have the long counters and plugs for those that work there, like me at times, and they now are pushing home delivery with Uber......there are 30,000 world wide, wouldn't say any trouble. Many business's over built when economy was good, just good business to close the non producers.

Live consciously....

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One time a homeless person asked me to spare some change. I did not have any and apologized. He yelled "Eff U". I just sped away.
Matt, my son sent me this. Thought you might be interested: [www.youtube.com]
Seattle's homeless problem is drug-related. Not sure about other cities.

@HonorC Did you have no family on which to rely? None at all?

Sorry about cancer taking everything from you, but I don't think most people are one paycheck away from homelessness. Not unless they are living well above their means.

“I am convinced that knowledge is power - to overcome the past, to change our own situations, to fight new obstacles, to make better decisions.” ~Ben Carson

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iShop123...I'm shocked at the video, never thought Seattle was in such dire condition, horrible.

Live consciously....
April 13: "Make a conscious effort to shift to compassionate thoughts and feelings. For example, offer a silent blessing to the homeless rather than judging them as lazy or a drain on the economy."
(from calendar based upon The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer)

The most dangerous idea is silencing people. - Naval Ravikant
It's what Madonna did in "Desperately Seeking Susan."

"Evolve thyself and lose all hate...." Orphaned Land
I have learned in my aging process that all feeling in truth matter, so although it sounds good to "always" put compassion first, I choose to honor my true feelings, I have compassion, but still allow myself to wish it wasn't in front of me...I pay plenty in taxes by living in a good location, I don't want property value's to go down, so Shop-et-al, your a bigger person than I, but at least I am truthful...not saying your not.....smiling smiley

Live consciously....
I think we as a society have moved to embrace what Shop-et-al is writing about, but the result is frequently that we go overboard on the expression of compassion but the actual feelings are not there. I've noticed people these days often express what they think is politically correct to express but there is no actual feeling behind the expression and there is no action to support the compassion. I'm for honesty. Compassion is fine, but overboard compassion without action is hypocrisy.
Indeed. Some posters have expressed that their efforts to help were rejected! Do they feel like trying again, with the same person or a different one Would you be willing to try again? I still think it is a good idea not to label all apparently homeless or struggling persons in a limited and pejorative way, even if we do not have a way to help people directly and inoffensively. [Yes. I know. This leads to, "How are we supposed to know what will offend someone?!"]

The most dangerous idea is silencing people. - Naval Ravikant
I am actually one who has had efforts rejected. I have offered McDonald's and other fast food to the homeless and been told they don't accept open food, only cans, sealed beverages (like cans, etc.,) I think it's the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want to be treated) as opposed to the Platinum Rule (treat others as they want to be treated) and the Titanium Rule (Treat others as it is in the highest and best good to treat them).

I came to the realization that I can't individually help those who are in need because I can't gauge their needs or wants. I volunteer 4 hours a week with a Church shelter, where I work in the office doing accounting and office management. I serve food at lunch 2 days a week at a downtown homeless shelter. It's close to my office and that's my lunch hour two days a week when I am not traveling.

I am also honest to say that I do not support opening the doors of McDonald's, Starbucks, and other customer service places to the homeless to camp out. I'm plenty compassionate and willing to help, but I tend to take my business to other places when a place that I go as a customer becomes a camp for non-customers.

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They are building homes/Apt's. for the homeless in Venice, CA, a fun interesting beach town next to Santa Monica, and home owners are in an uproar, property will go down, just hoping those that are chosen to live there take care of the property, as it will effect tax payers...so, hoping for the best, yet fearing the worse.

Live consciously....
Did OP leave again after another tantrum?

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
He's busy pretending to be an ex employee of Pret-somethingsomething.

@HonnyBrown wrote:

Did OP leave again after another tantrum?
Ha ha ha ha!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Just returned from our Library and they installed three Andy Gump's for the homeless....our town is trying.
I was in our Starbucks with my friend and there was a very dirty homeless man who took food off the table
at the restaurant next door...it was a Sunday buffet being set up and he just took the food off the table.
Then in SB kept getting water and using the bathroom sitting in and outside for hours. I'm sorry, I didn't like it would not use the bathroom there again, and hope they get a solution to this problem.

Live consciously....

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