Why the different pay amounts for same assignment?

Hello, everyone. I get several emails from different schedulers every day about shopping the same location, but with wildly different pay rate, sometimes as high as $40-50. Why is that? And I am not talking about urgent shops, or out-of-the-way locations either, just regular shops, with a reasonable due date.

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Strange.... It sounds like a communication issue. If you want to do the shop, I do suggest talking to the scheduler offering the higher pay rate, though.

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Of course, that's what anyone would do! I was just curious as to the reason for the varied pay rates.
When I see this, it’s always been different shop specifics. The devil is in the details.
I have checked the shops details several times, and believe me when I say that one recruiter pays $20 for the same shop that another recruiter offers $40-50. Just wanted to clarify that I am new to this forum but not completely clueless... winking smiley
I had to refuse a bank job paying $30.00 for an hours drive one way, busy area, time consuming, while today I did a bank job paying 25.00, much easier, just an inquiry, 3 miles from home. Scheduler for 1st job seemed indignant when I asked for travel time/bonus, scheduler really insisted I do it after having been there once and the target didn't show, and we were not allowed to call. I cancelled, did the one in my town. I have no answer, but if you find out, let me know. My guess is it depends on the MSC to set their prices.

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