Where to report non-payment?

hi everyone! Do you have any tips on where to report non-payment by a mystery shopping company? If all rules were followed by shopper. Company acknowledges they owe you. They promised 30 day payment, missed it. Then 60 day payment, now missed it. Now they are not giving any definitive date of payment. I've sen shoppers on here state they still havent received payment from shopping with them since nov 2018. (I just saw these posts).
I have made a complaint on the FTC site. Not sure where else to check. Their company is giving runaround and doesnt have a "corporate".

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I see you are also a participant on the Red Quanta thread.

Here's the deal: As mystery shoppers, we are independent contractors. The MSC's are not our employers, rather separate entities, equal to us under the law. By failing to pay you, Red Quanta has breached its contract with you. There is no agency overseeing them. The recompense is to make a claim against them in court. Because they operate in your state, you should be able to sue them in a Small Claims court in your state. However, as they are based in India, getting them to pay once you win a judgment, is not necessarily easy. If they refuse to pay, they can lose their ability to due business in your state (at the discretion of the judge). Of course, you have to decide if it's worth that much trouble. Some folks are getting paid, albeit slowly and very, very late, so continuing to pester them, is a viable option...Were it me, I'd file in Small Claims Court, demanding not only what they owe, but more to compensate me for the trouble of having to file. Most likely, they would simply not show and you'd win a judgment by default. Of course, you'd then have to collect - which would likely include going back to court...

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I received the same correspondence from Red Quanta contacts mentioned in threads. They owe over $800 because of my greed in getting $25 pickup and delivery meals. Who knows the deal with Google?
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