Heroin users found to be denied care... Researchers used ms tactics

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Thank you so much for the post. My best friend's sister just died of an OD. I had heard it was difficult to get treatment, but hopefully this will be an eye opener to lawmakers.
WOW! This is a major issue in our area, they just try to cover it up because we live in a tourist area. They do the same thing with the homeless. This kind of report just makes me sad. I'm glad they got MS to go see how it was being handled. People need help. That's all.

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It's a shame that people get addicted, but the article makes it sound like they were denied because they were heroin users. The truth is that it is difficult to find a good doctor who takes Medicaid, period. If they're good doctors, they don't need the hassle of Medicaid filing or the reduced payments. I'd like to see treatment options available, but what would you have the "lawmakers" do? Tax people who work some more in order to raise the payments for Medicaid? Force doctors to accept new patients who are on Medicaid? It's easy to pass the responsibility elsewhere.

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Actually, in my state rehab is available to anyone on Medicaid EXCEPT heroin users, unless the rehab files special paperwork and the addict attends outpatient counselling at least 5 times per week. These same clinics are only open until 10am each day. Private doctors who prescribe Suboxone instead of methadone can see the patient just once per week and no outpatient, but they are limited by law to just a few active patients. Because they can only see a handful of patients each for treatment, they sometimes cap the number on Medicaid.

ETA: I have been told by staff that they would LOVE to be able to accept Medicaid, but the regulations are too punitive for the clinics.

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I have a neighbor whose son is on Heroin up in San Francisco, he did pot then switched because Heroin is so cheap. He doesn't want help, they did an intervention and he didn't show. This kid is handsome, has a Masters degree and just got hooked. His Mother is not asking for help, she wants to put him in rehab, but he won't cooperate...so very sad and a waste. The longer I live, the more I see, and Medicaide doesn't/can't afford good Dr's, pity to those depending on it.

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