I want to like your posts!

I figure I haven't posted enough myself to earn that option. When I do, where will I find it?

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Hmmm, interesting. Right underneath the posts on the left there is "reply" and "like this". You don't see those words highlighted in blue?
No, only "reply". Which is too bad, because I've learned SOOOO much from you folks on this forum in the few short months I've been here!
Yesterday I accessed the forum on my phone and the "like" option was there, so there's that.
Maybe you can contact the site's owner, JacobJ, through PM and ask him about it. Sounds like a glitch. I think I have always had the like button available.
Thank you for the suggestion. In the process of sending a PM, I read a thread about ads. That gave me an idea, so I did some digging... the culprit is "Fanboy's Social Blocking List". winking smiley Problem solved!
My like button randomly disappears.

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Like button is right under post standing alone.

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I access this site on a PC and there is no like button. All I can see is the list of people who liked a post, but I do not have the ability to like a post.
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