Recd Priority Mail with $2800 cashier's Check from Comerica and instructions

I received a Priority Mail envelope with a tracking number. Surprised to see a Comerica Cashier Check inside for $2800 along 1 page instructions. First of all this is FAKE !!! I was suspicious because of the amount of the check so i took it to Comerica and they coudn't tell me a lot but told me it was fake and they couldn't take it. The letter is also vague in that it basically says just go shop anywere you want. Huge red flags since you are never allowed to do that. I searched this and found a YouTube video from a girl who got the exact same letter. a few details so if you are searching you may find this post. The phone number listed is 585-318-7464 or email They want to you go to Walmart and buy gift cards

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The Federal Trade Commission is also highly interested in learning more about these types of scams.
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