Have you noticed money getting dirtier these days?

I'm not sure if it's just my imagination (or a cluster of incidents lately), but I'm starting to wonder if money is getting dirtier and more worn out these days. Maybe no new prints and/or people "abusing" cash (lol)?

These bills I've been getting in change (non-bank) are just disgusting recently. A few $20's smelled so bad that I immediately exchanged them. Other bills I've gotten seem to have mildew and/or mold on them. Others have been "sticky." I also received a .25 coin from a fast food restaurant with black and green slime all over it recently. It rubbed off onto my hand (and my skin "stung" ) and then smeared onto my car's coin box.

Are people just nasty with money?

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I can't remember the last time I used cash for anything. My paycheck goes into my bank via direct deposit. The MS is either by Paypal or check. I pay my bills online. Every purchase is on a credit card with 2% or more in cash back and I pay that every month. So, no cash. My husband still uses cash since he goes to a deli for breakfast and buys lunch, I would never do that.

How much of what you do is cash based?
@RobG wrote:

I guess our money is not being "laundered"!
You beat me to it, Rob! I was going to say that perhaps that is why so many people get in trouble for "laundering" their money...haha grinning smiley
I went to get a cup of coffee, and didn't have 2 dollars on me, so, I use my debit card for everything, or Starbucks app pays or charge card for Macy's, etc....... never carry cash, cash, what's that?

Live consciously....
@Niner wrote:

How much of what you do is cash based?

50/50. I like to always have about $50 (minimum) on me in cash. I have a few credit and bank debit cards as well, but try not to use them unless absolutely necessary.
@RobG wrote:

I guess our money is not being "laundered"!

I wish people literally did. smiling smiley

Banks should WASH our bills...seriously....are they ever cleaned?

An aunt of mine, who worked as a cashier in a bad part of town in her city, said customers often took money out of their socks and breasts when paying for their food. It grossed her out having to touch it after they did that. I think the logic (implied, as she never said why) is that it may be dangerous in these areas and one could easily be robbed. Having money in your socks or breasts probably makes it less likely you'll get searched there or something?

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I recently had some $20's that were pink....God knows what the heck that was....it smelled awful. Like fungus or something.
There is actually a thing called the Dirty Money Project being run by NYU. You don't want to read about it, but here's the link anyway.

Copper has anti-bacterial properties. Bacteria dies if exposed to it long enough. Pennies with significant copper will help kill bacteria. I think the more copper-licious ones are pennies pre-1976.

I like to have copper objects around the house.

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@Mum wrote:

Has anyone seen the "Laundromat" on Netflix?

I don't have a Netflix subscription. Any good?
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