What's On Your COVID Quarantine List

I had a bottle of laundry detergent on my last order and didn't get it. Better grab some if you see it.


I wish I could post photos of grocery shelves in the stores I have visited over the past few days. I was finishing up some merchandising resets before they got canceled. They were all health and beauty department, hair care in particular, so there was actually product to move around (for now). Anyway, completely empty TP shelves, packaged deli meats, soups, etc. Ridiculous.

I wonder how long it is before they buy all the shampoo and conditioner? I guess I had better go grab a couple bottles of laundry soap, too.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.

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@MFJohnston wrote:

Hand lotion!
I have at least 50 bottles from hotel shops and ten others, just because I always have that many.

I have always washed my hands at least 20 or 30 times a day, due to my work. You really have to keep ahead of the dryness, otherwise it’s really tough to get back to normal.
For some purposes (but probably not SoCalMama's job) you could wear disposable gloves some of the time and wash them a few times before changing to a new pair of gloves.

Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity. - Guy Fieri

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Sanitize the face of my smart phone twice a day. Wiped down my amazon.com boxes and have them in a 24 hour quarantine.

Work wise, sold out 8 cases of steam and UV sanitizers. Helps the income stream as i had them in stock for 2 years and was looking to whole sale them out. Redoing my storage and organizing merchandising.

Checking to see that finally restaurant shops are dropping off. No dine in in Indiana.My MFI search today gave me 10 shops, 5 for April.

Do not read so much, look about you and think of what you see there.
Richard Feynman-- letter to Ashok Arora, 4 January 1967, published in Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track (2005) p. 230
When folks are under stress, comfort food is just that—comforting. We are under stress with the virus and the unusual amount of government involvement in our lives to try to keep everyone safe. It probably is the better part of wisdom to cook at home because even take out or delivery food needs to be handled with care in case the preparer, delivery person or even just the person restocking supplies is ill. Remember that the guidelines for take out these days are to remove the item carefully from its packaging and microwave it while treating the packaging as if it is contaminated and do your handwashing.

One of the easiest comfort foods is Mac 'n Cheese out of a box. If the box sits in your pantry for a few days it will be safe to handle. Most of them only need butter (margarine) and milk as extra ingredients. If I don't have milk around I can use a little bit of sour cream and a little bit of water to get it to the correct consistency. Sour cream has a much longer refrigerator life than fresh milk.

Spaghetti is an easy comfort food. The pasta sauces in jars are decent and have a less 'tinny' taste than the pasta sauce in cans. Frozen meatballs, while mostly filler rather than meat, are not too bad thawed in the heated pasta sauce and following the package directions for boiling your pasta is not rocket science.

Stews are comforting and especially easy if you have a crock pot. Carrots keep a long time in your refrigerator. Boneless chuck roast cut into about 1” chunks, a good handful of carrots, a package of dry onion soup mix, a cup of fluid (red wine, broth or even just water), smashed garlic cloves and you have the basis for a good stew that will be ready in 4 to 6 hours depending on your heat setting. If you have celery, potatoes, bell pepper, turnip etc. you can tthrow them in, but they are not needed. Serve with noodles or boiled potato.

Sweets are almost always comforting. Get some slice and bake cookies to have on hand or have around the ingredients you need to make cookies with your family. Make a cake from a boxed mix and amuse your family as you attempt to ice/decorate it. If you have a can of pineapple slices, brown sugar and a boxed cake mix, make a pineapple upside down cake.

Eggs & bread = french toast.
Eggs & leftovers = frittata
Hardboiled eggs = egg salad or deviled eggs or slices on a cobb salad

Most 'comfort foods' are based in carbs and fats so weigh the relative need for comfort vs need for calorie control during a time of relative inactivity.
All I have to say is the OK passed the Medical Marijuana Act a few years ago and since the stepson is hanging out because he cannot keep a place due to mental illness we are keeping him as stoned as possible. We can grow 18 plants because this is his address so that gives us 6 plants each in various stages of growth. Luckily I have taken on the lifestyle of a prepper and we have everything need. The only thing is I was not able to set up my hydroponics farm yet.
My other job is substitute teaching, so I will almost certainly not be back until August.

I am taking on small house projects every day. I'm also pulling out the back-of-the-pantry items and finding a way to use them up. I'm baffled on why I bought them in the first place, but I refuse to let them go to waste. My big problem is I tend to fill spare time by baking and cooking. I need to find a new hobby before I outgrow all my clothes!
I love baking and I always have. Being really busy helps keep it in check somewhat but this is going to be a disaster unless I keep myself busy doing projects. I eat healthy except for the baking. I love whole foods, veggies just baked or steamed or raw. I like making soups too. So I am just going to have to limit my baking.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
I wipe down everything. I have two Amazon packages on a two day quarentine. I wipe the screen of my smart phone several times a day.

Do not read so much, look about you and think of what you see there.
Richard Feynman-- letter to Ashok Arora, 4 January 1967, published in Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track (2005) p. 230
I ran out of bottled water. I went to buy some at the market on Friday, and they were out.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
@whosear wrote:

Work wise, sold out 8 cases of steam .

I am am running out of steam. Where can I buy that? Also in need of blinker fluid.

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