Money saving tips

Not that I recommend this level of thrift, but I recall a story about billionaire John Templeton, in which he went shopping for a new car and came across a Hyundai. After being told the price, he left empty handed. When family members asked what happened, he said he couldn't afford it (why pay so much for just a car that doesn't do anything, except get you from point A to point B and is a depreciating asset).

The kicker: he owned 500 million of the company's stock! grinning smiley (He was known to have holes in his socks to save money, while being a billionaire.)

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If I have the day off when they announce a pop-up food giveaway, I will be in that line. A bag of lentils goes a long way. I had never eaten spaghetti squash before but got some in a food line. So cool! And yummy, too. I am not starving but whatever I can do to save bucks in the long run helps. All those vehicles idling for 2-3 hours in the line drives me nuts though. Electric cars are not a thing in this area.


Does this increase the value of food mystery shops (granted, the risk of COVID is maybe higher)?
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