I started watching hgtv and I love the shows!! Love it and list it is my favorite but Flip flop is right up there!!* There's always something interesting to see and I also like seeing other parts of the country!smiling smiley

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I like Good bones a lot. The mother and daughter team have a white truck with their logo "Two chicks and a hammer." I also like seeing parts of Indianapolis.
I like Fixer to fabulous cuz they take items from demo and use it for something! They do amazing things for not much $.
The Good bones folks also recycle and reuse an amazing variety of things salvaged before and during demo. I also like "Should I Stay or Leave." That is another couple who clearly love their work and each other.

The International House Hunters series is a treat, but the regular house hunters series often features buyers that bicker with each other and/or are such prima donnas (of both genders) that you may want to just smack them.

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There is a new 'antenna' channel, I think owned by CBS, called Dabl. They have a couple of interior designer shows out of Canada that are amusing. Frequently the shows somewhat feel like 'entitled princess' wants to update a perfectly functional and attractive space that is only a decade or so old. I was delighted when a kitchen that just 'didn't suit' was being removed by a Habitat for Humanity team to be used in one of their constructions or sold in their Re-Store shops.
I can't find HGTV among the too-many channels I now have. Well, once I found it but promptly forgot where it was in the lineup. Anyway, I liked older shows that demonstrated how to convert unused places into unusual residences and how to transform one space within a residence on a strict, tiny budget. There was another one... have forgotten the name... re-creators attempted to produce a low-budget version of an extremely high-budget designer room. Sometimes, the designers liked the results.

Someday, I might find the new shows and choose my new faves. grinning smiley

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Did anyone see the episode today? It was a competition between Karen and Nina! Awesome !!!smiling smiley

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That is also known as Hospital Greeting TV. It was the only safe thing that could be tuned in the waiting rooms. No news channels I have even been told to mute my phone because I had the news on.
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