Getting smells out of clothes

I have had some clothes in plastic bags ready to sell them. I just noticed that they have picked up an odor. Does anyone know of a fast way to make my clothes smell good again so I can sell them. The smell isn't bad. It is just that it wasn't there when the item got put into the plastic bag (like a gallon size storage bag) and I can't sell the clothing item the way it is. Thank you.

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Spray some Fabreze into the bag.

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I have noticed the smell multiple times recently with clothes I bought at stores that they had them in sealed plastic bags. I just let them out for a day and the smell went away. You might want to put them in the dryer but in the cold air cycle for 5 minutes along with a softener sheet if you have any.
Lavender sachets. Available in bulk on Amazon. Put some in old socks, toss the sock in the bag. Give it a few days.
Sun as someone above recommended works wonders.
I'm trying to figure out whether someone elses "skunk marijuana" odor (like inside a bus or train) sticks to clothes long enough for people at your destination to smell.
Love this thread! I have this... cape-ish sort of thing... that does not belong in the washing machine and does not merit the cost of dry cleaning. I always giggle and feel like a Gabor sister on the high plains, just shy of Green Acres. Anyway, I sprayed Lysol on the faux fur and Febreze on the main fabric. All is well now. Except that sometimes I giggle excessively.

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