Battery is draining too quick in my iPhone

Recently I was given a pre owned iPhone 7 by a family member. The camera is great. The ability to place phone calls is great. I use the app to audit Trailers and Marketing Materials in movie theaters. ( Am I allowed to write the company name?)
Anywho I was busy clicking buttons and taking about 100 photos this week for 1.5 hours. The battery in the phone went from 95% down to 10% capacity in that time.
Anyone have experience with these audits? Is it the app that is draining my battery?
Do I need to purchase a new battery?

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I shop with an iPhone 7 and I replaced my battery over a year ago. I still have issues with battery draining if I am taking a lot of pictures, uploading them for a lengthy period of time. I have one of those small portable chargers. I plop it in my purse and use my iPhone charging cord to charge it as I go about taking pictures. It has truly saved me.
Check your settings and turn off anything that you don't specifically need to complete the audits.

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@KathyG wrote:

Check your settings and turn off anything that you don't specifically need to complete the audits.

Yes shut down any apps that are running in the back ground like weather, location, bluetooth, etc.
Also get a new wire. It's been a while since I had an iPhone, but that helped with my Samsung.

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Today I took the phone to the Apple store and was told the battery is indeed the problem. It's at least 3 years old and was running at 75%. The Genius Bar replaced it within 1 hour and charged less than a local battery store wanted. Life is good.
Switch to Pure Talk. Cheap service and they’ll throw in an iPhone like the big companies used to.
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