printer all in one with chromebook

I had a very hard time getting a printer to work with chromebook!! I called Best Buy and was sold an hp printer all in one that was not compatible with chromebook. I called and returned the hp and spoke to someone different that sold me an Epson workforce pro wf3820. I just set it up and it works excellent. Epson is the best printer I have ever used....smiling smiley

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My chromebook will expire in June 2022. I will probably get another one, so its good to know of a compatible printer.
Do you mean that the warranty ends? Or support ends?
@Susan L. wrote:

My Chromebook will expire in June 2022. I will probably get another one, so it's good to know of a compatible printer.

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Chromebooks have an expiration date, which means they will no longer auto-update, and (probably) eventually can't be manually updated, either. It will still work past that date, but without the updates there may be security issues with various apps.

Upgrading apps may lead to incompatibility issues. Since we do banking, investing, pay bills, etc. online the security and incompatibility issues are a big deal.

You can read about it here:

This is a new concept, and I think its only been a couple of years since older chromebooks began expiring. So be sure to check the expiration date before buying a new chromebook, or before buying a used one. I think they are made to last about 5 to 8 years, but it varies from model to model.
I have a Chromebook and I love it. I use an HP Envy 4512 printer, which also connects wirelessly. Chromebook's support does end but, you can elect to purchase the updates. I just purchased another Chromebook because of it expiring. I like a Chromebook because I never have to worry about getting a virus.

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@ArkLaMissshopping wrote:

I like a Chromebook because I never have to worry about getting a virus.

This is why I plan to get another one when mine expires!
The expire is like the end of life for Windows XP, 7, 8, and now 10. Here is a list of when they no longer get updated.

Even though someone is all upset. They are still better than windows you will not get a blue screen of death. If you look around you can find Chromebooks that have been recycled by the schools or the enterprises that have an expiration life of a year or two for less than $100. I bought a Lenovo Flex 3 last year for $125 that is supported until 2025. I have been through 4 of these Chromebooks. And they work for most things as long as you do not do banking on then they are ok, The old ones will no longer do Prime Video.

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