Frozen Pizza

I do but only at Aldi for produce for the compost. I don't have enough green waste for the compost i need for the garden.

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I never dumpster dived for food, but I used to live in a community with a large population of privileged college students. When school let out for summer, dumpster diving was a local sport. I got some really nice tables and lamps that way.
DDs heated up TJ's cauliflower crust pizza today. Tried a piece. So good! Additional sauce and cheese did not happen as I was not there to do it.
I lived in LA. TJ's was where I did my weekly grocery shopping also. They were a big disappointment when I moved to Maryland. I have not been to one in years.

@tstewart3 wrote:

When i moved from CA I drove 8 hours to the nearest TJs every 3-4 months. In CA i shopped at mostly at TJs only going to Ralphs or Vons when necessary. Ahhh...the good ole days.

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When I was a kid we would go to Little Caesars on Tuesdays and the pizzas were like $3 or something crazy. We’d get like 15 and freeze them. There were a lot of us. We loved it. I know now that was probably disgusting. But you gotta do what you gotta do. And at the time we loved it.
The Trader Joes frozen Tarte's are almost a frozen pizza but so much better! They come in 3 varieties and so far all have been delicious.

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Tried a Mama Cozzi pizza from Aldi and it was gross. I’ll buy Freschetta or DiGiorno when they’re on sale, but Dominos and Pizza Hut have great deals, like $5 for a pizza. DiGiorno sells here for almost $7.
What’s the name of that mustache frozen pizza? It’s not bad compared to those around it. Cravin GROSS. California Pizza Kitchen GROSS. DiGiorno GROSSlite. But that Mustache one is solid.
If frozen is the choice, then it's only DiGiorno supreme rising crust for us. I add a thinly sliced tomato, pepper, onion, and mushrooms before placing into the oven. Once it comes out I add oregano and fresh shredded Parmesan cheese and place on a warmed plate with black olives. Must be accompanied with a craft beer.

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I have only had frozen pizza probably less than 5 times in my life. I grew up in Chicago where I had access to the most AMAZING Pizza places Gino’s, Giordano’s, UNO’s & my Favorite Home Run Inn. Then moving to the Burbs, I lived 10 minutes from Home Run Inn. Now I’m in NW Indiana, I have UNO’s Pizza a Chicago Icon 5 minutes away and Giordano’s is 10 minutes away. Otherwise, I use Flatout pizza crust and I can whip up an Amazing pizza in less than 30 minutes. If I want one from home. I keep pizza sauce, Italian sausage, cheese, frozen tri colored peppers, and hot peppers on hand.
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