DaviPi? 01/23 is National Pie Day and Rhubarb Pie Day. Are we expected to...

... regale you with pie stories, Pi events, or what?

Just checkin'.

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Thanks for the information. I'm not a fan of rhubarb, so now I have two days to figure out what kind of pie I should celebrate with.

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I thought Pi/Pie Day was 3/14 because...you know. Regardless, Dave Pi needs to make an appearance.

My pie story: I went to the Dutch Market to get a berry pie for my Dad for Christmas. They had their holiday spread out: normal fruit pies, pumpkin cream cheese swirl pie, peach praline pie, and Shoofly Pie.

I picked up the Shoofly Pie. It was heavy. I never had it before. After a delicious Christmas dinner, we cut the pie. Think pecan pie on the bottom with coffee cake crumbles on top. It was decadent and delicious!

One morning I heated up a slice for breakfast and had it with coffee.

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