I have the seeds I want to plant and am going to wait til February. I did not plant seeds cuz I went to visit my mother that had lung cancer on regular basis. Now she passed June 20, I have more money and a lot more I will plant seeds.

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With daytime temps below freezing, the daffodils in my front garden have appeared and grown to about 3-4 inches height. Be brave; spring is coming.

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You're going to plant in February? When is the last frost for your area?

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You don't have to worry about last frost dates if you do winter sowing. Growing in the garden and Garden Answer have videos about it.
I will plant scallion seeds in a peat cup and geraniums. Then later in Feb or March I can do tomatoes, peppers and herbs!! I am not buying seeds as I have plenty.
I want yellow pear tomatoes, roma tomatoes and red beefsteak heirloom tomatoes. I will try green and red peppers along with jalapeno pepps. Basil, dill, cilantro, parsley spearmint and lavendar. smiling smiley
That will keep me busy...I usually plant right b4 Memorial day.

Not sure where you are geographically, but when I lived in Dallas, I planted bell peppers. I got one crop from them in the spring. Then the plants went dormant due to the summer heat. I never pulled the plants out for whatever reason.

To my surprise, in the fall as it cooled off, I got another crop of peppers from those same plants.
I start my seedlings in the windowsill in February. I transplant them outside in late March. I have never been successful with lavender.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
@heather shops wrote:

So far I have 4 geraniums, 2 roma tomatoes that sprouted!! I planted jalapenos and scallions too.smiling smiley

Do you have a backyard / compost pile? Do you have earthworms for composting?
That would be very helpful for the tomatoes. There is a fantastic book called "How plants work" by Linda Chalker-Scott. I can lend a digital copy to anyone interested on Amazon.
I have started seeds in the big aluminum baking pans. I have always gotten overwhelming results. Separating and transplanting them outside was not so much fun. I overcrowded them due to the abundance. When I plant and sow them outside directly, its so much easier albeit, I don't get as many plants. I can't start yet. It's always after Mother's Day here. My peony bushes are beginning to sprout believe it or not. So exciting, lol.
If you are looking to be organic try these things.

There is an Oriental type of composting that will accept fats, bones and other things you wouldn't put in a normal compost pile. I believe it is called Bokashi.

Get those red wigglers under the sink, for worm composting.

Howard Garret is a Dallas based organic guru who has a weekly newspaper column and radio show where he takes calls. He's very receptive to answer questions via e-mail. He may even use your question in his newspaper column if he feels there is a widespread need to know. He also has a website you can search for answers for organic questions.
Have cleared the porch down to one table that holds empty planters. This is good. The best place for plants on my porch is under the canopy where they will block egress. This is not good. However, I will visit my local gardening information and find out who can survive and thrive near the perimeter of the porch, considering the given conditions. Here's hoping that I can find some plants who will fare well this year.

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my scallions died and now I only have a roma tomato with 3 sets of leaves, a mystery plant that kind of looks like tomato and 3 geraniums. I'll plant more. smiling smiley
I have 2 garden plots this year so I plan those too. smiling smiley cukes, peas, beans and pole beans and pole peas also. I have to buy a good trellis. I might try acorn squash, round zuccini and herbs.
Green bell peppers and tomatoes doing great. I have many tall nasturtiums and four o clocks.
we have a meeting this saturday for the local community garden. I am also having a kayak rack arriving so I will garden and put my boat on a rack instead of saw horses
I rode my bike to the place down the street that sells plants. I got 4 6 packs of beautiful pansies. I potted them right away.
Periods of substantial rain the past 2 days. Yay! Cilantro and tomatoes growing the fastest. Zucchini and peppers coming along. I decided to plant my flower seeds around the tree (they're sprouting) instead of trying to start my deck planters. I figured by the time they bloom the summer would be nearly over. Instead, I bought 2 big pots from Costco that contained a variety of flowers. I love them! Bought 2 flats of petunias too. DH planted them along the bottom edges of our front hedges. I keep staring at everything, lol.
Garden is doing ok but we had too much rain. I have flowers on my green pepper and 2 tomato plants.
My toddlers keep picking our tomatoes and bell peppers and biting them and going "Yucky" and now we have none
My peppers never sprouted. WTH? Cilantro is growing like mad. DH (the Mayor) delivered bunches to our neighbors who were thrilled. Tomato plants and zucchini doing well. Flowers planted around a tree are small. They need full sun but I had nowhere else to plant them.
Last year, I planted basil with my tomato plants. Neither did well. I ignored everything this year. I have a bumper crop of basil.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Got 4 zucchini so far. They are mostly male plants and cross pollinating is difficult. I see peppers and tomatoes. Cilantro is growing wild. I am going to re-pot my porch planters (beautiful pink mandevilla) this evening after much procrastination. My neighbor dropped off cucumbers, mint and scallions yesterday.
Can anyone tell me about garlic? I'm tired of the tiny white bulbs you get at the supermarket.

I got a couple of large bulbs that I planted this spring and they are about a foot tall. But from what I read on a google search, they won't develop fully if they don't go through a winter/cold spell.

Also, if I don't harvest them, will the bulbs multiply over a coupe years so I can continue to harvest?

What about garlic scapes? Do I harvest those before they flower? How do I use them.

@wrosie. I do not have experience with growing garlic. However, I do know they need to be planted in the fall or a bit later to go through the winter. I would not harvest them until they experience the winter in your area.
WOW, it's been a while. I have many roma tomatoes, many red beefsteak heirloom tomatoes, cilantro, basil, nasturtiums, geraniums (red and fuschia), sun gold hybrid tomato, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes and salsa tomatoes. I also bought lavendar and planted three color beans....purple, yellow and green and snow peas and podded peas!!!!!!! The flowers on 3 color beans are gorgeous. I got lucky this year. My plants are out back of my building. smiling smiley
Happy Gardening!!
Whoa and whooooo Heather! My Nasturtium is slow growing. They need full sun. I planted them under a big tree due to poor planning. I think they will flower and be dwarfs.
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