nothing in my area but perhaps for y'all

just found out about this site. its a .gov website so pretty sure its legit

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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Yes, it's legit. I've been signed up with them since 2014, but nothing relevant to me has ever come up yet.
That might be a good thing!

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If you live in a city with research hospitals, will send you e-mails of all sorts of research studies. I've done them in Dallas, TX and Rochester, NY so they are definitely legitimate. They will ask if it's okay to pass on your information to the study group. You have the option of saying yes or no after reading what the study is about.

They will also tell you before you commit what payment if any is forthcoming if you qualify for the study. It's normally about $50 per hour visit with studies having only one or up ten visits. Normally later visits are very quick sometimes only 15 minutes.

They also do video and online survey/focus group studies so really anyone could register.

They need healthy control groups as well as people with the afflictions they are researching.

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